Brilliant Stories September 6, 2018

Considering that the list of smart home accessories keeps growing larger and larger, there always seem to be shiny, new options vying for our attention. Just last week we reported that Philips, a company probably best-known in the smart home world for its Hue light bulbs, has a hybrid switch in the works set to replace or join its current offerings. With options from Lutron, Wemo and others, there are certainly lots of switch products to consider, but with today’s release of Brilliant Control, things just got even more competitive.

Of all the options out there, Brilliant Control seems like it may have the chops to take the crown as being the most daring and innovative. Coming in with four models, Brilliant Control sports a built-in display, camera, controls for at least one light, and the promise that it ‘works with all smart home products’. expand full story

Brilliant Stories January 10, 2018

These days it can be difficult to get into smart home products with so many different standards and brands out there. Anytime we see universal gear that attempts to bring the whole thing together, regardless of how you have invested your cash already, it’s worth investigating. Brilliant showed up at CES 2018 with what it describes as “the world’s smartest light switch” and so far, it has our attention… expand full story

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