Brooklyn Stories May 25, 2016

Grado Labs out of Brooklyn, NY recently introduced a new pair of flagship wooden headphones, the GS2000e. True to form, these fresh high-end cans marry a classic design with iconic craftsmanship. This pair bumps the previously released GS1000e at the top of the company’s Statement Series. Head below for more and a gallery of images.

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Brooklyn Stories March 2, 2016

Update (3/9 11:30am): @interactivlogic, @dan_kruger and @colton_key are our winners! Thanks for reading and entering our contest.

Since the Apple Watch was first released last Spring, we’ve seen a plethora of alternative bands for this timepiece. Apple has a handful of official options. You can also find cost-effective alternatives on Amazon. As the accessory market has grown, one of our favorite trends has been established watchmakers that have developed their own line of third-party bands.

Throne Watches out of Brooklyn, NY has leaned on its expertise to craft a couple of different options designed specifically for Apple’s device. Today, we’re launching a giveaway that will deliver a new handcrafted watch band to three lucky 9to5Toys readers. Head below to find out how you can win one for yourself!

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Brooklyn Stories March 1, 2016

Brooklyn’s own Grado Labs introduces its first Made for iPhone earbuds w/ Siri control

High-end Brooklyn-based headphone manufacturer Grado has announced its newest set of in-ears. Unlike the GR8/10e that were released last year, this is the first pair of earbuds from Grado to feature a built-in microphone and remote control for iOS devices. The iGe’s are Made for iPhone with dedicated buttons for playback and Siri.

This new release steps outside of Grado’s heritage of vintage-inspired headphones for a modern take focused on commuters. We spoke with Jonathan Grado, VP of Marketing, on the thought process behind this new release:

Brooklyn Stories July 15, 2015

There are a few companies that we’ve come across that really standout in our search for the best gear for our readers. One of those is Brooklyn-based headphone manufacturer Grado Labs. We’ve shared their story before, highlighting the attention to detail that goes into every pair of headphones in their handcrafted line of products.

Today Grado has announced a new a line of headphones that pay special attention to the family’s heritage from Brooklyn. expand full story

Brooklyn Stories February 26, 2015

After a complete re-vamp of its line of over-ear headphones, Grado Labs has announced that its popular in-ears have received the same treatment. The GR8e and GR10e are follow-ups to its previous generation cans designed for on-the-go listening. For this Brooklyn-based headphones manufacturer, this is just another step in its legendary story.

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Brooklyn Stories February 21, 2015

Update (2/28 12:30pm): @DavidFell is our winner, thank you for entering our giveaway!

For as much as we love our new technology, we tend to either carry them in the cheapest possible option or the most expensive one we can find. There are thousands of plastic and synthetic material items that are available to serve this exact purpose. But more often than not, they have a short life and end up in the trash. What if the focus shifted from the latest accessories to purchasing one item that could protect your tools, digital or not, for your entire life?

Etwas is answering that question while creating on-the-go solutions for your gear. In a technology driven world where it’s often about the latest, for this Brooklyn-based company it’s all about staying power. Utilizing techniques from centuries ago, these bags are made in an electricity-free work environment designed with heirloom quality in mind.

We’ve got the full story on Etwas as well as a giveaway worth $380, head below for more. expand full story

Brooklyn Stories December 17, 2014

Update (12/23 1:00pm): @jdnorthwest is our winner – congratulations and thank you to everyone that entered the contest! Happy Holidays!

It’s the holiday season, and we are all busy but before everyone starts traveling we wanted to giveaway a pair of one of our favorite headphones. This week you’ll have the chance to enter to win a set of Grado SR80e open-ear headphones, one of the best sounding set of cans you’ll ever use.

The SR80e’s are a part of the newest generation of Prestige Series cans that were released this past summer. They feature a beautiful open-air design, 20-20,000Hz frequency response and are handmade in Brooklyn. Grado has long been noted as some of the best sounding headphones available by Consumer Reports and Head-Fi. Amazon users agree too, getting a top-of-the-line rating of 4.7/5 stars. I’ve been using them for four years and can say that the SR80e’s are the perfect companion to your music.

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Brooklyn Stories August 5, 2014

Solidoodle, a Brooklyn-based company, is introducing its new flagship 3D printer today. The Solidoodle Press has been designed from the ground up to be a much more user friendly machine with a focus on simplicity and safety.

The physical look of the Press also reflects this design choice. With a rounded enclosed case, the fifth generation printer looks less like something that goes in a lab and more like an average home appliance. The company notes the “fully enclosed design provides a 3D printer that looks great and provides a barrier of safety from heated elements for users with small children and pets.”

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