camera system Stories October 16, 2015

Action cameras have taken over the world of consumer technology. From GoPro to Monoprice, it seems like the options are endless. Capturing your automotive excursions has proven to be more complex and less straightforward. Online retailers are littered with cheap options that don’t seem to offer much in the way of quality.

A fresh Kickstarter project, called Waylens, is looking to change all that. After raising nearly five-times its initial goal in a short period of time, it’s save to say consumers are ready for that change too.

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camera system Stories August 11, 2014

The GeckoEye is a new solar powered surveillance camera system that is designed to replace a number of other similar devices with a single solution. It is a two part system that features small 1.7-inch GeckoEye camera units that connect over WiFi or a cellular network to the GeckoEye base station. The camera system can be used for traditional surveillance outside your home/office, to monitor infants, or even on-the-go.

Made of either a durable aluminum or polycarbonate casing, the small GeckoEye cams come with “special mounting features” that allow them to be placed just about “anywhere,” as well as motion detection, a sensitive microphone, and can be powered via the built-in solar panels.

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