New Caseology cover wraps your Apple Watch Series 8 in textured sandstone at $14

Caselogy Series 8 Caseology Vault Apple Watch case

After taking a look at Caseology’s new AirPods Pro 2 case and the latest model NanoPop MagSafe wallet, it’s time to check out the new Series 8 Caseology Apple Watch case. We have featured the brand around here for years, and it regularly lands in our annual roundup of the best iPhone cases, but did you know the company also creates protective sheaths for your Apple wearable? Its latest variant is specifically tailored for Apple’s Series 8 wrist computer and carries over much of the same design sensibilities of Caseology’s AirPods Pro 2 cover. And, it’s now available for purchase at $14. Head below for a closer look and more details. 

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Caseology’s new textured AirPods Pro 2 Vault case arrives from $17 (Reg. up to $25)

Reg. $25 $17

After taking a look at the new Spigen and elago models, Caseology’s latest AirPods Pro 2 Vault case has now surfaced. Apple’s latest pro-grade earbuds package delivers some notable tech upgrades as well as some physical enhancements like the on-board lanyard strap connector and Caseology’s latest has now arrived to keep things safe and sound. Now available for purchase directly from the official site, its Amazon storefront has it up for even less. Head below for a closer look and more details on the new Caseology AirPods Pro 2 Vault case. 

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Caseology intros new iPhone 14 MagSafe wallet in 5 colors, now available at $20 (Reg. $25)

Reg. $25 $20

After seeing the brand’s new case collection land in our roundup of the best iPhone 14 cases, Caseology has now issued its latest iPhone 14 MagSafe wallet. The new Nano Pop is available in a range of two-tone colorways to match your case and/or iPhone model of choice (also compatible with iPhone 12 and 13 series devices) with a “snuggly fit” and protection-focused design that carries your most important cards directly on the back of your new handset. Now available directly on the Caseology site, you can land one for even less via its official Amazon storefront. Head below for more details and a closer look at the new Nano Pop. 

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New Caseology iPhone 13 cases go live with launch discount and more from $12.50

Now Live! $12.50+

After a seeing host of new iPhone 13 gear surface for today’s Apple keynote event, the new Caseology iPhone 13 cases are now going live. And even some light launch discounts as well. Caseology’s iPhone cases have been featured in our yearly roundups for quite some time now and it’s looking like this year’s lineup will be much of the same in that regard. Head below for a closer look and a nice launch discount. 

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Caseology’s new Vault AirTags Carabiner Case is here, and now on sale for just $14

Reg. $20 $14

Apple’s new item trackers are here, we have seen new cases from Nomad, Pad & Quill, and Spigen, but now it’s time for the Caseology Vault AirTags Carabiner Case. Unlike some of the aforementioned options that are firmly planted on the fancy leather side of things, Caseology is taking a more rugged approach with its first accessory for Apple’s new AirTags. The Vault AirTags Carabiner Case features a textured TPU construction with a handy, included clipping mechanism to safely affix it to your EDC. It is now available for purchase at $14 or $6 under the MSRP. Head below for a closer look. 

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