CES 2018 - Las Vegas, NV Overview Updated January 12, 2018

CES 2018 - Las Vegas, NV

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December 2017 - January 2018

CES 2018 is set to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada starting January 8th, 2018. The annual Consumer Electronics Show is one of the biggest conventions with all of the biggest names in tech showing off their latest releases.

CES 2018 Stories January 12, 2018

This past week at CES in Las Vegas, VTech was honored with the Best Peripheral Award for its newest Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2. The award was presented by KAPI (Kids at Play Interactive) and the panel of judges selected the VTech watch from over 500 tech products released in 2017. With its two cameras, watch faces that teach kids to tell time and included games, this is definitely not just a toy watch.

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You may have heard of Heatworks before, the brand behind those sleek iPhone-connected water heaters. CES 2018 delivered a new creation from the brand that’s designed for apartment dwellers and those running low on space. Tetra is a countertop dishwasher from Heatworks and design group ‘frog’ that offers smartphone features, a unique (and attractive) design along with the ability to clean an entire load in 10 minutes.

Of course, you can control the entire thing with your iPhone, too.

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CES 2018 Stories January 11, 2018

Scosche has announced a new line of iPhone-focused Qi wireless charging accessories today at CES 2018. Each of these new products belongs to the MagicMount Pro line that includes solutions for desks, cars, night stands and more.

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Parents have enough to worry about when they have a sick baby at home. So why should they have to try to take the little one’s temperature while they are sleeping? Well, now there’s a better solution out there. It’s called TempTraq and it is a wearable baby thermometer that can record and send alerts to your devices wirelessly without disturbing your resting baby.

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We’re less than a month into the new year, but it’s starting to look like the smart home in 2018 will be defined by all-in-one hubs. Leading up to and during CES, we’ve already seen several companies looking to try their hands at the centralized gateway concept. Milo is one such hub, that packs Z-Wave Plus and Zigbee device compatibility alongside Google Assistant integration.

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After hitting the scene back in June, Sphero spin-off Misty Robotics is ready to unveil its first product. The advanced robotics company is looking to move away from the consumer-friendly toy space with new high-end offerings geared toward developers. Today at CES, Misty unveiled its first release that will be available on a limited-basis as the company feels out potential interest.

The Misty 1 will retail for $1,500, which is a significant jump in price from Sphero’s typical offerings. Initial plans are to offer around just 50 units to start, with potential expansion coming down the line according to CEO Tim Enwall.

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CES 2018 Stories January 10, 2018

Amongst the rollable prototype OLED displays, smart home hubs and live translation headphones of CES, there are always a few amazing little robot helpers. From adorable home companions to futuristic commercial fleets, you can always count on new AI bots to appear in Vegas come January.

One such bot that caught our attention is Aeolus. The large wheeled robot can bring you a drink, sweep the floor, liaison with Amazon’s Alexa and much more… expand full story

It’s been a big week at CES 2018 in Las Vegas with a number of new products across nearly every category. For 9to5Toys, that includes a bevvy of new TVs, smart home products, storage and much more. We hit the show floor over the last few days to find our favorite new releases coming down the line this year.

Hit the jump for this year’s 9to5Toys Best of CES Awards…

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From smartwatches and basic tracking bands to smart rings and head-mounted gear, wearables are everywhere this year at CES. It seems as though companies are trying to cram smart tech and sensors in to just about anything they can think of these days. But one particular avenue of this kind of technology yet to make its way to the masses is smart, connected “ingestibles”… expand full story

Royole is a company that produces flexible displays, sensors and all around smart devices. Its latest product is a smart writing pad that can transcribe in real-time from regular paper using a standard pen or pencil. Now you can have a digital record on any of your devices instantly.

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These days it can be difficult to get into smart home products with so many different standards and brands out there. Anytime we see universal gear that attempts to bring the whole thing together, regardless of how you have invested your cash already, it’s worth investigating. Brilliant showed up at CES 2018 with what it describes as “the world’s smartest light switch” and so far, it has our attention… expand full story

Throughout last year, a variety of new mesh Wi-Fi systems made their way to market from tons of companies. Some released the mesh technology in the form of entirely new routers, while others released updated versions of existing access points, touting more reliable connectivity and faster speeds. Fitting into the former category, Huawei decided it would be kicking of 2018 by throwing its hat into the ring and releasing a mesh router system of its own.

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At CES 2018, Satechi has announced another new USB-C accessory on the heels of unveiling its Smart Dual Charging Station for iPhone and Apple Watch yesterday. The new “Type-C 75W Multiport Travel Charger” offers 2 – 2.4A USB-A ports, 1 – QC 3.0 USB-A port, and 1 – USB C port at a fair price.

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Alexa and other virtual assistant technology are certainly all the rage at CES 2018 this year. But we have also seen some interesting wearable technology, not the least of which is the Motiv fitness tracker ring and some of the intersting VR gear that has surfaced. In the midst of all the new product announcements, Coros Wearables is introducing its new Omni smart bike helmet at CES 2018 in a major way… expand full story

CES 2018 has been an exciting one this year with crazy new displays, Alexa sound bars, connected luggage and headphones made of illegal gun metal. Another interesting product we spotted this year is the Cauldryn heated travel mug. Cauldryn has been on the scene with its battery laden portable water/coffee system since mid last year and is now ready to expand its next generation tumbler through 2018 with new accessories and add-ons. expand full story

CES 2018 Stories January 9, 2018

Polk Audio has been around for years. Polk has a fairly large announcement at CES 2018 this year. The Polk Audio Command Bar is the “first ever” soundbar to feature Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant built-in. Honestly, this is something I’ve been waiting for since Alexa first came out, and I’m glad a company like Polk is the first to do it

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Incase not only makes a slew of different iPhone and iPad accessories, but also some of the best connected luggage products on the market. The company also made its way to Vegas this year to announce the next generation of its connected travel eco-system… expand full story

We have already seen our fair share of new headphone designs from CES 2018. Sennheiser’s new BeatsX competitors, SOL’s very first foray into the world of over-ear Bluetooth and Mymanu’s Click+ live translation headphones are just some of the interesting headsets to come out of Vegas so far this year. While it might be a while until we see the Eagle head-mounted home theater come to fruition, we are quite excited about the new Audio-Technica QuietPoint over-ears.

One thing we expected to see even more of by now is truly wireless earbuds. But the folks over at Yevo have got us covered with its new headset made of a very special metal known as Humanium. expand full story

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