cheap mags Stories September 3, 2014

One year magazine subs from $5 w/ digital access: GQ, ESPN, Macworld, more

In today’s mag deals, TopMags is offering some solid pricing on Macworld, ESPN and GQ, all with digital access included.

A one-year sub to Macworld including digital access and free shipping is $7.50 today using code 66713. That’s $76.50 off the newsstand, $14.50 off the usual sale price, and matching our best price outside of special event pricing and multi-year/multi-mag deals.

Next up, we have ESPN for just $5 with digital access and free delivery using code 66713 during checkout. That’s $99 off the regular newsstand price, about $30 under buying the mag directly from ESPN and the best price we can find. You can also grab GQ with digital access for $5 today with the above discount code, dropping it to match the best individual price we see as well.

More notable mag deals using code 66713:

cheap mags Stories June 9, 2014

expiredMagazine subs: Bloomberg Businessweek (3 yrs.) $20 shipped (Reg. $150+), GQ w/ digital $5, Wired/Pop Science bundle $9, more

We have an excellent deal on Bloomberg Businessweek magazine today, matching the lowest price we’ve ever seen on the popular publication. You can grab a 3 year subscription to Bloomberg for $20 with free shipping using code 9TO5TOYS during checkout. This is $728 off the newsstand price for 3 year, $130 off the already deeply discounted DiscountMags price, and easily matching the lowest we’ve ever seen. For just $20, you get 162 issues delivered to your front door for 3 years.

Each issue of BusinessWeek features in-depth perspectives on the financial markets, industries, trends, technology and people guiding the economy. Draw upon BusinessWeek’s timely incisive analysis to help you make better decisions about your career, your business, and your personal investments.

More notable mag deals using code 9TO5TOYS:

  • GQ w/ digital 1-yr sub: $5 (Reg. $48 newsstand, $20 sale)
  • Wired/Pop Science bundle 1-yr sub: $9 (Reg. $108 newsstand, $25 sale) ***Wired includes digital access in this bundle
  • Men’s Fitness 1-yr sub: $5 (Reg. $40 newsstand, $19 sale)

DiscountMags offers free delivery in the US, no sales tax and no auto renewals.

cheap mags Stories April 5, 2014

expiredMagazine subs: Bloomberg Businessweek (for 3 yrs.) $20 (Reg. $150 – $749), Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Car & Driver, more

Update: The Consumer Reports deal is now over, but today you can grab Rolling Stone magazine for $5 shipped (Reg. $102 newsstand, $20 sale price) using code 9TO5TOYS

As DiscountMags kicks off its Magazine Madness 90% off Sports Titles sale this weekend, we also have a few notable deals outside the sale just for 9to5 readers. Today you can grab Bloomberg Businessweek for just $20 for a 3 year subscription using code 9TO5TOYS during checkout. That’s $730 off the newsstand price, $130 better than DiscountMags sale price and the lowest price we can find. Direct from Bloomberg, a $20 subscription will net you 48 issues, but with this deal you get 162 issues for the same price. Along with your purchase of Bloomberg BusinessWeek, you can grab Fast Company for $4.50 in the cart as well.

We also have a 1 year sub to Consumer Reports Magazine w/ digital access for $20

As part of this weekend’s Magazine Madness there are a number of great deals across the Sports, Fitness, Hunting/Fishing and Automobiles categories. Some notable titles in the sale include Men’s Health w/ digital for $7 (Reg. $45), Men’s Fitness for $5 (Reg. $39), Women’s Health w/ digital for $5 (Reg. $49) and Car & Driver for $5 (Reg. $49)

Bloomberg Businessweek 3-year sub: $20 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $749 at newsstand) – 3 years only Magazine Madness Sale: 90% off Sports Titles  for 48 hours – no code required.

cheap mags Stories March 20, 2014

expired1 year magazine subs: Rolling Stone $5 shipped (Reg. $102), Macworld w/ digital $8 shipped (Reg. $84), Pop Mechanics, Motor Trend, more

Today’s magazine deals include Rolling Stone, Macworld, Popular Mechanics, MotorTrend, and more. A one year sub to Rolling Stone Magazine will run you just $5  using code 9TO5TOYS and it comes with free shipping every month. At $102 at the newsstand, that’s $97 in savings and even $15 better than the already rock bottom DiscountMags price.

Macworld is available today as well, including digital access and free shipping for $8 using code 9TO5TOYS. That’s $76 off newsstand and $14 off sale price.

Next we have Popular Mechanics for $8 shipped ($36 off newsstand, $4 under sale price) and remember, Popular Science is available for just $5 during checkout with the purchase of Pop Mechanics today, which is the lowest price we’ve seen outside of multi mag/year deals.

We have a one year sub to a Motor Trend + Automobile bundle for just $9 ($100 off newsstand, $10 under the sale price). DiscountMags will deliver these two mags for $4.50 each every month, for up to 4 years. All of the above deals require code 9TO5TOYS to redeem the discount. Purchasing all 4 deals will normally run you $72.90 (on sale), using the above discount code will drop that price to just under $30.

Rolling Stone 1-year sub: $5 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $102 at newsstand) Macworld w/digital 1-year sub: $8 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $84 at newsstand) Pop Mechanics  1-year sub: $8 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $42 at newsstand) Motor Trend + Automobile  1-year sub: $9 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $120 at newsstand)

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