Civilization: Beyond Earth – The Collection Stories May 24, 2016

The latest addition to the Civilization franchise takes turn-based colonization into space. 9to5Toys Specials currently has Beyond Earth: The Collection for $30, which includes the game, plus the Exoplanets Map Pack and Rising Tide Expansion.

The new game is set in an intergalactic future, when the inhabitants of a barren Earth must go in search of new, alien lands to conquer. The gameplay stays true to the series, but instead of guiding historical events, players must choose an expedition sponsor to establish a cultural identity. Amazing upgrades arrive once your civilization masters the Technology Web, and dynamic Leader Traits affect the whole game world.

Also included in this bundle is Rising Tide, which adds four more factions to join, plus an all-new artifacts system, two new biomes, and hybrid units. Meanwhile, Exoplanets adds six custom maps to explore.

The Collection is usually priced at $60, but you can order now to save 49% off MSRP (Note: this deal is for Mac and Linux only).

Civilization: Beyond Earth – The Collection Stories January 22, 2016

expiredCivilization Mac game sale 65%+ off: Beyond Earth $14 or Rising Tide bundle for $30, Civ V Complete $12, more

Mac Game Store has kicked off a “Civilization Weekend” sale, offering a number of notable prices on both Civilization Beyond Earth and Rising Tide, along with older titles/add-on content.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth for Mac is available for $13.99. That’s $26 below the regular Mac App Store/Steam/Amazon listings and the best price we can find. The lowest it has dropped to on the Mac App Store is $20.

Another standout option is the Civilization: Beyond Earth – The Collection for $29.99. This package includes the Exoplanets Map Pack and the Rising Tide expansion. Even at the lowest prices we have seen for both the main game and the Rising Tide expansion (including the current 50% off IAP promo), you’re still saving $5 with today’s deal. This particular bundle will run you $60 on Steam right now.

This bundle includes the full version of Civilization: Beyond Earth, the Exoplanets Map Pack and the Rising Tide expansion. Discover a new world of possibility as you colonize an alien planet and shape a new vision for humanity.

You’ll find the rest of the Civilization Weekend sale deals right here. Be sure to checkout Apple’s Get Productive Mac/iOS sale and the latest App Store Free App of the Week.

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