Colorware Stories February 26, 2018

Colorware makes a wide selection of bespoke and custom-painted electronics gear for just about all of your favorite manufacturers, as any avid 9to5Toys reader would know by now. That includes everything from a custom Apple Magic Mouse and Keyboard to PlayStation 4 covers, Bose headphones and even Nintendo Switch gear. Needless to say, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

Last summer, Colorware introduced a custom-painted set of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con in limited run. The vintage NES style paint job went over well with customers and now the company is tapping into that vintage aesthetic once again for the new Limited Edition 8-bit designs… expand full story

Colorware Stories January 29, 2018

expiredDesign your very own Nintendo Switch Pro Controller/Joy-Con at 10% off from ColorWare

ColorWare is now offering 9to5 readers an exclusive 10% off its custom Nintendo Switch Joy Con and Pro Controllers using code 9to5Toys. It is not often we see price drops of any kind on the company’s design-it-yourself Nintendo controllers, especially for Switch. So you’ll want to jump on this while you can. More details below

Colorware Stories January 5, 2018

expiredGet the most unique iPhone/MacBook around w/ custom ColorWare skins: exclusive 20% off

ColorWare is one of our favorite custom/bespoke accessory makers. They create user designed cases, covers and paint jobs for just about all of the electronic devices you have including iPhones, MacBooks, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and a whole lot more. Along with the announcements of its new Cloak skin for iPhone X/8/Plus, we now have an exclusive promotion for 9to5 readers.

Colorware Stories May 12, 2017

The Nintendo Switch is the toy I’ve been playing with non-stop from the day I bought it. If I’m not writing about the latest in Android over at 9to5Google, I’m obsessively looking for shrines in Breath of the Wild or making my way through a Grand Prix in MarioKart 8: Deluxe.

When I picked up my Nintendo Switch, all that was available was the standard looking gray option. It works, but it’s pretty generic. Then, I decided to pick up a set of neon JoyCons to give the console a bit of color, since skins just don’t work with it. However, neon just didn’t feel like me, I wanted something more personal. That’s when Colorware announced that it was extending its services to the Switch. Needless to say, I got pretty excited and now, I’ve got a set of custom JoyCons that are exactly what I wanted with the Switch.

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