Sling Media introduces the new Slingbox M2 bundled w/ free downloads of the app for all devices

The Slingbox M2 will let you watch 100% of your existing cable or satellite programming on any device you own. But, the previous generation could do that – what’s new today is that the Slingplayer app is now bundled with free downloads of the streaming app on any platform. Previously you had to shell out an extra $15 – $20 for each device you wanted to stream to. Now, you can download the free app to as many different devices you want and watch your programming whenever and wherever you go. If you have multiple users in your houshold savings add up fast at $15 per app.The M2 is available now at the Sling store and at Best Buy for $199.99. Surprisingly, The M2 still uses only component cables instead of HDMI. Sling recommends picking up an adapter (like this one) if all your TV connections are HDMI.

Key benefits of the Slingbox M2 include:

  • Watch and control live TV on a tablet**, smartphone**, PC or Mac
  • Access to 100% of your cable or satellite channel subscription
  • Play and schedule all of your DVR recordings
  • Quick setup and playback via PC/Mac desktop apps
  • WiFi connectivity and Ethernet port for simple network setup
  • High-definition video up to 1080p
  • Absolutely no monthly fees

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