CORSAIR’s 1TB 7,000MB/s Gen4 SSD just dropped to the best Amazon price ever at $120

Amazon is now offering the CORSAIR 1TB MP600 Pro Gen4 Solid-State Drive for $119.99 shipped. This one released last year at $244 before settling out with a $160 price tag for most of 2022 on Amazon. Today’s deal is the lowest price we have ever tracked on Amazon and matching the current sale price directly from CORSAIR (although it is sold out there at the moment). This model brings up to 7,000MB/s transfer speeds alongside the brand’s heat-spreader technology to your PC rig (the comparable model made for PS5 is also sitting at the $135 all-time low right now). You’re looking at a Gen4 PCIe x4 NVMe 1.4 M.2 interface, a built-in heatsink treatment to “reduce throttling,” and 3D TLC NAND for “the ideal mix of performance, endurance, and value to keep your drive performing at its best for years.” More details below. 

CORSAIR’s latest M65 RGB Ultra Wireless mouse with “sniper button” returns to $110

Amazon is offering the CORSAIR M65 RGB Ultra Wireless Gaming Mouse for $109.99 shipped. Today’s deal saves $20 from its normal going rate of $130, marking only the third discount we’ve tracked and returning to the all-time low only seen once before back in March. If your favorite genre of games is FPS and stealth, then the M65 RGB Ultra Wireless is the ideal mouse for your setup. You’ll find that this mouse packs a 26,000 DPI and 650 IPS sensor which can track at “up to 50G acceleration.” There’s even a 6-axis gyro that “enables ultra-low lift-off distance” for when you reposition the mouse. One unique feature of the M65 line of mice is the “sniper button” which lowers the DPI drastically to allow you better control over rifles and other marksman weapons in games. Plus, it features both Slipstream Wireless technology as well as Bluetooth connectivity for wirelessly pairing to your desktop. Dive into our announcement coverage to learn more and then head below for additional information.

Amazon all-time low just hit CORSAIR’s 7,100MB/s heatsink 1TB SSD at $135, more

We have now spotted a new Amazon all-time low on CORSAIR’s MP600 PRO LPX 1TB M.2 NVMe PCIe x4 Gen4 Solid-State Drive at $134.99 shipped. This one launched on Amazon back in February at $185 and has been sitting in the $145 to $160 range for most of this year. Today it dropped down to the lowest price we have ever tracked. As you might know from our hands-on impressions, the MP600 PRO lineup delivers a modern PCIe x4 Gen4 internal SSD solution for your PC rig or PlayStation 5 with a design that “exceeds all Sony PS5 M.2 performance requirements so large game files load faster than ever, directly from the SSD.” It brings up to 7,100MB/s transfer speeds – one of the faster options on the market – as well as pre-installed aluminum heatsink tech to keep things moving quick and to reduce throttling. Head over to our review for additional details and down below for offers on the other capacities. 

CORSAIR’s PC or PS5-ready 7,100MB/s Gen4 SSD all-time lows: 500GB $88, 1TB $140, more

Amazon is now offering the CORSAIR MP600 PRO LPX 500GB M.2 NVMe PCIe x4 Gen4 Solid-State Drive for $98.99 shipped. While this is a new Amazon all-time low down from the regular $110, you can grab this one direct from CORSAIR marked down to $87.99 shipped right now instead. However, the 1TB and 2TB variants are now both at Amazon all-time lows and the best we can find with $139.99 and $269.99 price tags, down from the regular $160 and $300 respective listings. These are the latest internal Gen4 models from CORSAIR with up to 7,100MB/s speeds, an M.2 NVMe 1.4 interface, and a design ready for your PC battlestation or PS5 console. CORSAIR says they exceed “all Sony PS5 M.2 performance requirements.” Hit up our review for additional details and head below for more deals. 

Personalized audio profiles await with CORSAIR’s latest HS65 SURROUND gaming headset

Today, CORSAIR announced a brand-new gaming headset dubbed the HS65 SURROUND. Designed to be a lightweight headset with Dolby surround support as well as Sonarworks SoundID technology that personalizes your audio experience, this headset will change the game for budget-focused setups. Coming in at just $80, there are quite a few premium features to be found in the CORSAIR HS65 SURROUND gaming headset, all of which we take a look at below.

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Review: CORSAIR’s new MP600 PRO LPX SSDs solve PS5 storage woes with 7,100MB/s speeds

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Earlier this month, CORSAIR launched its latest internal SSD which took aim at PS5 users looking to supplement the console’s storage. Now that Horizon Forbidden West launched this past weekend with nearly 90GB of required space to enjoy the highly-anticipated sequel, I put CORSAIR’s new MP600 PRO LPX SSD to the test for solving storage woes. Head below for the full scoop on what to expect from the process.

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CORSAIR’s new iCUE 5000T RGB case has over 200 individually addressable LEDs

Today, CORSAIR introduced an all-new mid-tower case with the iCUE 5000T RGB. The 5000T RGB case is also joined by LC100 case accent lighting panels that are also launching today, delivering a fully customizable experience for your PC gaming setup. The case itself has a “unique contoured design” and offers 208 individually addressable RGB LEDs built-in, making it the “most integrated lighting ever built into a CORSAIR case.” You’ll also find high-airflow mesh panels, room for two 360mm radiators, and more here.

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CORSAIR’s new K70 RGB PRO gaming keyboard has tournament switch, removable USB-C cable

Today, CORSAIR introduced an all-new expansion to its best-selling K70 series, the K70 RGB PRO. With the stylings that we’re used to with the K70 lineup, including Cherry MX switches, per-key RGB backlighting, and an aluminum frame, the K70 RGB PRO takes things to the next level with all-new AXON technology and a tournament switch. The AXON tech allows for up to eight times faster processing and delivers “a new level of performance.” What else has changed? Let’s take a closer look.

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CORSAIR intros new PS5-ready PCIe Gen4 SSDs with heatsink and 7,100MB/s transfer speeds

Today, CORSAIR is launchings its latest PCIe Gen 4 solid-state drive, and like many other recent releases from the competition, it’s targeting the PS5. Debuting with all of the flagship specs you’d expect to meet Sony’s requirements to use as internal storage, you’re looking at up to 7,100MB/s transfer speeds, a built-in heatsink, and more on the new CORSAIR PS5-ready MP600 PRO LPX SSDs.

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CORSAIR’s new M65 RGB ULTRA/Wireless pack a built-in gyro for tilt-based customization, more

Today, CORSAIR announced an update to its iconic M65 line of mice with the RGB ULTRA and RGB ULTRA Wireless. Featuring a similar and familiar frame, these new mice deliver several upgrades across the board. This comes from an all-new processor, switches, and finally a wireless option. So what all do the latest CORSAIR M65 RGB ULTRA mice bring to the table? Let’s take a closer look.

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CORSAIR’s latest PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs brings up to 4TB of 7.1GB/s storage to your gaming setup

Today, CORSAIR introduced an upgraded line of its NVMe SSDs with the MP600 PRO XT. Featuring PCIe 4.0 technology and the latest 3D TLC NAND storage, you’ll find that the MP600 PRO XT can deliver up to 7.1GB/s (7100MB/s) speeds, as well as 4TB of storage on a single drive. That comes from the high-density design NAND design, allowing CORSAIR to pack more storage on a single chip. So, what all do these drives offer, and how can you get one? Let’s take a closer look below.

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Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT Review: Full-featured affordable gaming keyboard [Video]

As the world of gaming keyboards expands with smaller, enthusiast-oriented offerings like 60% layout boards, there are still affordable full-size, full-featured options from all of your favorite brands. One of the latest from Corsair is the K55 RGB Pro XT. With macro keys that can integrate seamlessly into Elgato Stream Deck, media controls, and per-key RGB, it is packed with features for the $70 price point. Be sure to hit the video below to see all the details. 

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CORSAIR’S new K55 RGB PRO/XT gaming keyboards offer six macros + more from $50

CORSAIR just announced two new keyboards in its K55 family: the K55 RGB PRO and K55 RGB PRO XT. Featuring RGB backlighting and six dedicated macro keys that can tie into the Elgato Stream Deck software, these keyboards are great for those looking at a more budget-focused setup, given that pricing starts at $50. So what all do these keyboards do? Let’s take a look.

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CORSAIR’s latest NVMe SSDs have speeds of up to 7GB/s…and water cooling?

CORSAIR is once again getting into the NVMe SSD game, this time with three new PCIe 4.0 drives. You’ll find the MP600 CORE, MP600 PRO, as well as a MP600 PRO Hydro X Edition that sports…water cooling? Yeah, that’s right, to keep its latest NVMe drive cool CORSAIR substituted the heat sink for a water cooling block. With speeds of up to 7GB/s, these drives are the perfect upgrade for your gaming rig.

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CORSAIR launches new VENGEANCE RGB PRO SL RAM with 10-zone RGB, 44mm height, more

CORSAIR is out with a new update to its VENGEANCE RGB PRO SL RAM line, this time delivering upgraded lighting, high capacity, and fast speeds for your desktop build. With up to 128GB kits available in up to 3600MHz configurations, the new CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO SL RAM could be the perfect addition to your Zen 3 or Intel build.

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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Review: Entry-level performance has never been so good

AMD’s latest processors were announced two months ago and released last month. Though they’re still extremely hard to pick up right now, we were lucky enough to get the Ryzen 5 5600X on launch day courtesy of AMD for our review. I’ve been using it for the past month or so, and I have quite a few thoughts on AMD’s latest Zen 3 processor platform. Utilized for both gaming and transcoding in my workflow, I’ve been testing out the 6-core AMD Ryzen 5 5600X as an upgrade from my Ryzen 5 3600 PC that I built earlier this year, and let me say, it’s been a great processor so far. So, without further ado, here’s my review of the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X.

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CORSAIR’s 240mm RGB AiO delivers ample cooling for AMD Zen 3 priced from $87

From $87 Save now

Newegg is offering the CORSAIR iCUE H100i RGB PRO XT 240mm All-in-One Liquid Cooler for $106.99 shipped with the code 3WTBKNV26 at checkout. Drop the price further to $86.99 shipped when you opt to use the mail-in rebate. For comparison, it goes for $120 at Amazon and today’s deal beats the all-time low there by as much as $16. If you’re ready to rock AMD’s upcoming Zen 3 Ryzen processors, then be sure you have plenty of cooling to enjoy some overclocking headroom. Upgrading from a standard air cooler to an AiO liquid one delivers increased performance, lower temperatures, and generally a quieter build overall. I recently switched to NZXT’s Kraken X73 AiO and really enjoy the performance enhancements it delivers. CORSAIR’s iCUE H100i delivers an RGB design, high-quality pump, and 240mm radiator in one sleek package. Rated 4.7/5 stars.

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CORSAIR’s new K100 RGB keyboard offers 44-zone RGB, iCUE control wheel, more

CORSAIR’s latest release is the K100 RGB Gaming Keyboard. Offering both Cherry MX Speed or CORSAIR OPX Optical-Mechanical switches, the K100 packs quite a few features that the company is introducing here. Something else that CORSAIR is introducing here is the AXON Hyper-Processing Technology, which delivers input at up to “4-times faster than conventional gaming keyboards.” But, that’s not all, keep reading to find out everything there is about the brand-new CORSAIR K100 RGB Gaming Keyboard.

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CORSAIR Scimitar RGB Elite MMO Mouse Review: I’ve found the perfect mouse

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When the CORSAIR Scimitar RGB Elite was first announced, it was nothing more than an update to an existing platform. Offering a slightly faster sensor and a little bit of a newly-sculpted design, the Scimitar RGB Elite was just another mouse. But, it would be the mouse that ruined all other gaming mice for me. After spending quite a bit of time trying to find the perfect gaming mouse…I think I’ve found it. With 12 programmable side buttons, the CORSAIR Scimitar RGB Elite took some getting used to, sure, but after the initial setup, I found that having 12 buttons all right next to my thumb was the perfect balance between customizability and usability. So, without further ado, here’s our review of the CORSAIR Scimitar RGB Elite MMO gaming mouse.

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CORSAIR’s latest computers sport RTX 2080 Ti, Ryzen 9 3950X, more

CORSAIR is launching two new desktops today, one being the VENGEANCE and the other being an updated ONE PC. The VENGEANCE rocks both AMD’s latest Ryzen 3000-series processors or the Intel 10th generation Core options, while the ONE is being updated to use AMD’s Ryzen, given that the company already has an Intel version on the books. The VENGEANCE is geared towards gamers, while the ONE is designed to be more of a content creator platform, but both are built to be beasts at all tasks.

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