custom build Stories January 25, 2016

LEGO Arkham Asylum-Batman-01In our continued coverage of amazing new LEGO sets, today we have a custom build courtesy of Dayton that combines 18,000 pieces and over one year of planning. Made popular from the most recent line-up of Batman console games, this build features Arkham Asylum in all its glory.

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custom build Stories August 11, 2015

Utinni! This unbelievably detailed Sandcrawler might be one of the coolest Star Wars LEGO customs ever

We knew Sandpeople always ride single file to hide their numbers, but we had no idea Jawas rolled across the dunes in so much style!

Enter this incredible Star Wars LEGO creation and prepare to have your mind blown. Made with more than 10,000 bricks, the detailed sandcrawler took 500 hours to build. The builders, Calvin Hartley and Jarren Harkema, integrated a number of mechanical elements into their creation to really bring the iconic desert rover to life.

Peek inside the colossal creation for snapshot into the everyday life of the scheming, bartering Jawa.

This Sandcrawler debuted at Brickworld Chicago 2015. This mechanical beast was a total hit at the annual event and has been making waves online since.

For those interested in a slightly smaller version, Star Wars LEGO enthusiasts can pick up their own officially licensed, 3,296 piece Sandcrawler for $300 shipped.

Don’t have the bricks, space, or time for your own custom LEGO Star Wars build? Check out some of our favorite pieces below.

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