DataTraveler Stories June 3, 2015

In case you hadn’t heard, USB-C is here to stay, with the news coming this week that Intel is backing it with the next generation of Thunderbolt. It has been a busy few weeks for storage announcements with SanDisk detailing new USB-C storage options and internal solid-state drives. Now Kingston is getting in on the trend. With the new MacBook inventory increasing at some retailers, the push for USB C accessories is on. We have the full details below on Kingston’s new flash drives. expand full story

DataTraveler Stories April 29, 2014

Amazon has low prices across the board on the line of Kingston Digital DataTraveler USB Flash Drives. The Kingston’s are convenient, small, capless and pocket-sized for use on the go. They’re durable with a metal casing and a sturdy ring. USB 2.0 and Guaranteed with a five-year warranty. They support Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac.

Free shipping with Prime (free trial) or with an order padded to $35 or more. expand full story

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