Day One 2-free-sale-01

Update (3/24 1:05pm): After some slight issues, it looks as though the Day One 2 freebie appears to be up and working now!

Update (3/24 12:15pm): Some users are reporting issues with the free download. We suggest trying again later as it appears to be working intermittently.

Apple is now giving away free downloads of Day One 2 for iOS. It currently sells for $4.99 , but will be jumping back up to $9.99 after its initial release sale is over. Developer Bloom Built recently launched the latest edition of its popular organization/journal app with a series of new updates and features. You can get the complete break down of the new app over on 9to5Mac. Between the new one and the previous version, Day One has amassed a 4+ star rating from over 19,000 reviewers.

You’ll need to go through the Apple Store app (not the App Store!) to take advantage of this special promotion. Complete download instructions are as follows: expand full story