Hands-on with dbrand’s extra grippy iPhone 14 case and customizable 3M skins

Dbrand iPhone 14 case review

dbrand launched its new Grip case ecosystem shortly after Apple’s unveiled this year’s iPhone 14 models and just before landing in our roundup of the best options out there. Delivering a minimalistic case, the dbrand iPhone 14 case goes from a stealthy all-black approach with a special grippy treatment throughout to a far more creative and unique option when employing one of its many 3M skin treatments. Today we are taking a hands-on look at both as well as the skin installation process to give you a better idea of what you’re in for with the latest dbrand iPhone 14 Grip Case. 

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Score an exclusive 20% off dbrand’s rubberized MagSafe iPhone 13 Grip Case

20% off Now Live

The latest dbrand iPhone 13 case lineup made its way into our roundup of the best options out there this year, and now we are taking a closer look alongside an exclusive 20% discount with code grip20. The MagSafe-compatible dbrand Grip Case for iPhone 13 features a sleek design with a focus on ensuring you don’t drop your precious new Apple handset in the first place. If you do, however, dbrand has put some nice military-grade protection in between your iPhone 13 and the sidewalk that would have otherwise ruined your day. Head below for a closer look and our exclusive 20% discount. 

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Dbrand launches redesigned PS5 face plates, once again ignoring Sony’s legal team


Dbrand has now unveiled a new, redesigned set of PlayStation 5 face plates, or Darkplates as they are officially known. The new designs come just days after legal action from Sony forced the brand to remove the previous-generation models from its website. But apparently Dbrand is at least a little bit more confident the updated PlayStation 5 face plate design “neutralizes any future infringement claims from Sony.” Head below for more details. 

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