It took about 500,000 LEGO bricks to put this life-size Batmobile together

We have certainly seen our fair share of impressive custom LEGO builds, from the transforming Optimus Prime to the 14,000 piece Starcraft replica. But when it comes to sheer scale, today’s life-size Batmobile is certainly going to be hard to top.

Well known LEGO designer Nathan Sawaya decided to use a good portion of that incredible collection of LEGO bricks you see in the image above to create a life-size Batmobile. Despite some interesting touches like the Batman logo rims and the flames from the rocket engine, it is the model’s massive foot-print that is most impressive.

The 18-foot long model is made up of over 500,000 LEGO bricks and weighs in at about 1,500 pounds. Sawaya worked directly with DC Entertainment on the design and spent around 3 months putting it together. Here are a few more close-ups:

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Source: Gizmodo