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These mesmerizing auto-Mario Maker levels will take you on the ride of a lifetime

With the highly anticipated release of Super Mario Maker just around the corner now, more and more interesting bits of information about the game are popping up. As if those sweet easter eggs spotted in the title screen and the impressive looking level creations we have seen thus far weren’t cool enough as it is, we can’t seem to take our eyes off these mesmerizing auto-Mario levels.

Automatic Mario levels are those that require the player to do little else but go right and watch as the beauty of Nintendo’s worlds unfold before your eyes. In some cases the player has to do nothing at all but watch as Mario zips through a very carefully created, almost choreographed level. In most cases, if you do anything other than what you’re told to do, you die.

You can see a few of these highly detailed automatic Mario style levels created in Mario Maker below:

For years this type of level creation has existed among modders and hackers of older Mario games. Here is a pretty fantastic one made in Super Mario World:

After the amiibo support, that awesome Mario Maker Wii U bundle and these roller coaster-like Mario courses, the game really can’t come soon enough. The chromatic music note blocks avialable to players in Mario Maker will surely be making some pretty amazing appearances in auto levels over the coming months as well.

Source: Kotaku

easter eggs Stories August 18, 2015

Super Mario Maker’s playable title screen is loaded with awesome secrets

After some pretty amazing looking level creations, the ability to create stages while seamlessly switching between 4 different titles, and some amiibo support, Super Mario Maker has certainly caught our attention. Set to release just around the corner now, reviewers have begun to dig in to early copies and have noticed some sweet little easter eggs hidden on the title screen.

Inspired by Mario Paint and Super Mario World, the opening screen has Mario traversing a typical course with the Super Mario Maker title overlay on top. If you touch the letters a number of playful, Nintendo-style animations play out including a sweet Wario reference on the M, a hidden cache of coins in the R, space ships, helmets, bouncy things and you can even hatch Mario a Yoshi.

Here’s a great video from GameXplain showing them off:

Super Mario Maker releases on September 11th and Prime members can pre-order it for $49.99 shipped (Reg. $60). An even more notable deal than some of the other early Prime deals considering how rarely first part Nintendo games go on sale.

You can learn more about Mario Maker from our E3 coverage and here are a few amazing levels that were created for the Nintendo World Championships 2015:

Source: GameXplain (via Kotaku)

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