New Elgato Cam Link Pro card has four HDMI ports, lets you use a DSLR in Zoom calls, more

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Elgato Cam Link Pro

If you produce video and tend to have a few cameras rolling at once, Elgato Cam Link Pro, the company’s latest capture device, has been unveiled and is ready to streamline your workflow. It slides into a PCIe slot and wields four HDMI ports. Each input can capture in either 4K or 1080p quality, and the company touts this as being a great solution for virtual presentations with one of endless possible setups including “one facecam, a secondary side camera, a third on wide and a fourth overhead.” Continue reading to learn more.

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Elgato introduces its first-ever Light Strip to upgrade your streaming setup

Elgato, a fan favorite for streaming gear, just launched a new LED light strip. While you might think this is a bit outside of the company’s normal portfolio of gear, adding LED lighting to your streaming setup is becoming very common as a way to add depth to your stream. The company already makes the Key Light and Key Light Air, so expanding their portfolio with the Light Strip is only natural. What all can the Elgato Light Strip do? Keep reading to find out.

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