Epic unveils next-generation Fortnite update with 4K60, fluid split screen, more

next-generation Fortnite update

Love it or hate it, Fortnite is still a very popular game. Unsurprisingly, this means that Epic has been working to support both Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5. Today it was announced that the next-generation Fortnite update will be available on launch day of each console. Even better, there are many new features that will take advantage of the Microsoft and Sony’s leveled-up hardware. Continue reading to learn more.

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Epic Games teases new Fortnite Marvel theme scheduled for next week

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A new Fortnite Marvel crossover is on the way as part of the Chapter 2 Season 4 content for the online battle royale experience. While rumors were suggesting something along these lines for a least a couple of days now, Epic Games has now made it about as official as today’s teaser image could. Head below for a closer look.

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Epic brings new cars to Fortnite as part of today’s Joy Ride update

As part of the new 13.40 update known as Joy Ride, Epic Games is introducing a new series of new cars for Fortnite. While they aren’t the first vehicles to drop onto a Fortnite map near you — we previously saw golf carts, shopping carts, planes, bikes, and even massive robots — the more typical four-wheeled cars will likely add a new wrinkle to a familiar experience that is quickly becoming surrounded by a growing collection of direct battle royale competition. Head below for more details.

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