ESR’s new MagSafe Kickstand is also a charging puck with detachable USB-C cable [Deal]

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MagSafe Kickstand

Magnets have a way of making products easier to use and often kick clutter to the curb. Apple has been implementing them into its products for many years now, and the company arguably began to pick up the pace ever since the magnetic Smart Cover for iPad 2 was unveiled. Fast forward to today, and each and every one of its iPhone 12 devices now comes with MagSafe. This has paved the way for wallet cases, battery packs, first- and third-party chargers, alongside many other exciting products. ESR’s new HaloLock MagSafe Kickstand Wireless Charger arrived today, and it aims to simplify FaceTime calls, gaming, and the list goes on. Continue reading to learn more.

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ESR launches the “world’s first” MagSafe compatible wireless car charging mount

Well, it’s iPhone day today. That’s right, Apple’s latest-and-greatest iPhone 12 lineup began delivering to customers today, and with it, MagSafe is a thing once again. Well, ESR, a well-known accessory manufacturer, just announced the “world’s first” MagSafe compatible wireless car charger mount. As part of the company’s HaloLock system, this accessory “works seamlessly” with MagSafe, making charging your iPhone 12 while on-the-go “as easy as tapping it to the mount.”

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