Fast Company Stories February 10, 2016

Multi/Single year magazine subs from $3/yr: Motor Trend, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, more

We have a few a notable deals from DiscountMags today starting with Motor Trend Magazine. You can grab a 4 year subscription for just $12 with free shipping and digital access for iPad using code 12140 at checkout. At just $3 per year, that’s $28 under the usual sale price, more than $24 below Motor Trend direct’s best print offer (+ $18 with digital), and matching the best price we ever see on this mag outside of very limited holiday pricing. And even then, we are talking within cents. This is eligible for those looking to renew a subscription as well.

On the business side of things, we also have deals on Fast Company, Inc. magazine and Entrepreneur for $4.50 each with free shipping using code 49000 at checkout. Normally we see these mags dip down to $5 each or so, so anytime we see them below that without needing to be bundled with other mags or with a multi-year sub, it is notable. Each of them generally go for around $12 per year regularly.

As usual, expect no delivery fees, sales tax or auto renewals when purchasing magazine subscriptions through DiscountMags.

Fast Company Stories September 28, 2015

expiredFour magazine subs for $16 (or less): Wired, Dwell, ESPN, GQ, Rolling Stone, Men’s Fitness, and many more

After a bit of a lull in the magazine subscription deals, today we have one of the best sales of the year kicking off. We have teamed up with DiscountMags to offer extremely deep discounts on the most popular mags on the planet…

Fast Company Stories June 6, 2015

expiredFive magazine subs for $20 ($4/yr ea.): Wired, ESPN, GQ, Dwell, Men’s Health, Rolling Stone, Forbes, many more

OK it’s back. You can grab any 5 mags in this weekend’s sale for just $20, dropping the most popular titles down to the lowest prices we see outside of once a year holiday pricing. Titles like Wired, GQ, ESPN, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Dwell and Architectural Digest, don’t often dip below $5 without locking you into multiple years, never mind down to $4 a piece. Many of which come with digital access for iPad included in the sale price.

While you must opt for 5 one year magazine subs to get the deal, each magazine in your bundle can be given as a gift with an individual shipping address and customized note (if you so choose).

Other standout titles at the lowest we can find include Rolling Stone, Golf Digest, Forbes, Fast Company, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics and many more. If you don’t mind getting 5 mags, be sure to jump on this weekend’s sale as prices don’t get much better than this (other than Maxim which does come down to $3.50 from time to time).

As usual, there is never shipping fees, auto-renewals, or sales tax. Note: digital access usually arrives once the first print issue does.

Fast Company Stories April 14, 2015

expiredMagazine subs from $5/yr: Wired, Men’s Health & Fitness, Fast Company, National Geographic, more

In today’s best magazine deals, we have Wired and Fast Company at the usual lows, plus a Men’s Health bundle deal and National Geographic magazine matching the lowest we see it go for.

While all of today’s deals are at least matching the best single year price we see on these mags outside of special bundle deals and once a year holiday pricing, the standout deal is National Geographic. You can grab a 2 year subscription with digital access included for $30 shipped using code 9TO5TOYS. That’s $8 under the regular price/National Geo direct and matching the lowest we’ve seen.

Digital access includes “the full issue, cover-to-cover, exclusive interactive extras, videos, slideshows, and music” for your iPhone and iPad.

More notable magazine deals using code 9TO5TOYS:

As always, DiscountMags does not charge sales tax or delivery fees and will not auto renew subscriptions on you. These deals only available to those in the US. Note: Digital access comes once the first print edition arrives in most cases.

Fast Company Stories February 4, 2015

expiredMagazine subs from $4.75 per year: Dwell, Wired, National Geographic, Fast Company, more

Today’s magazine subscription deal include our usual low on Wired with digital access included as well as some solid multi-year pricing on Dwell and National Geographic.

You can grab Dwell for $5 for one year with code 9TO5TOYS, but a two year sub drops down to $9.50. At $4.75 per year, that’s around $50 under the newsstand listing, $30 better than the usual sale price and matching the best price we see outside of rare multi-mag bundle deals. Dwell direct charges more than double for a 2 year print sub.

National Geographic w/ digital access for iPad and iPhone included is available at $30 for a 2 year sub, which is matching the best previous low and currently $8 under the next best price we can find. Like last time, it is available at the discounted price for both new subs and renewals.

More notable magazine deals using code 9TO5TOYS including Wired and GQ with digital access included and more:

  • Wired w/ digital 1-yr sub: $5 (Reg. $60 newsstand, $12 sale)
  • Fast Company 1-yr sub: $5 (Reg. $50, $12 sale)
  • Taste of Home w/ digital 1-yr sub: $6.25 (Reg. $24, $17 sale)

DiscountMags will not charge sales tax, will never auto renew subscriptions, and offers completely free delivery (US only). Note: Digital access comes once the first print edition arrives.

Fast Company Stories January 14, 2015

expiredOne-year magazine subs from $5: Men’s Health/Fitness, Runner’s World, Fast Company, Pop Photography, more

Today’s magazine subscription deals include a Men’s Health and Fitness bundle, Runner’s World, Fast Company, Popular Photography and Outdoor Photographer.

While all matching the usual all-time lows outside of very limited one-time sales, a one year sub to Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness for $9.99 with free shipping using code 9TO5TOYS in the cart. This particular bundle has gone for $0.50 less, but it is rare to see it that low. Men’s Health typically sells for $7 a year in most sales and today’s is the best current price available.

More notable mag sales using code 9TO5TOYS in the cart below:

  • Runner’s World: 1-yr. sub $6 (Newsstand: $54, Sale: $20)
  • Fast Company: 1-yr. sub $5 (Newsstand: $50, Sale: $12)
  • Popular Photography: 1-yr. sub $5 (Newsstand: $54, Sale: $14)
  • Outdoor Photographer: 1-yr. sub $5 (Newsstand: $40, Sale: $11)

All of the above mags are available at the discounted price for 3 years or more. DiscountMags never charges sales tax, offers free delivery and will not auto renew subscriptions.

Fast Company Stories January 9, 2015

expiredMagazine subs from $4.75 per year: ESPN w/ digital access, Men’s Health, Fast Company, Men’s Fitness

Today we have a Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness bundle, Fast Company for $5 and a multi year deal on ESPN.

While you can pickup a one year sub to ESPN with digital access included for $5, a two year sub will drop to $9.50 shipped using code 9TO5TOYS in the cart. That’s matching the best price we see on the popular sports publication outside of rare multi-mag deals and Black Friday pricing. Compared to the same sub direct from ESPN, you are saving more than $30. Digital access includes “Exclusive blogs by ESPN Insider writers,” as well as “insights from Karablog, Draft Analyzer, Insider Recommends and more.”

Note: you can also add Wired with digital access for $5 in the cart when purchasing ESPN, matching the best single year/mag sub price we see.

You can also grab a one year sub to Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness for $9.99 with free shipping, again using code 9TO5TOYS in the cart. While we have seen this bundle go for $0.50 less, we rarely see Men’s Health go down to as low as $5 per year outside of special multi year/mag sales, and this is the best current price for one year of both mags we can find. Also matching the low, Fast Company can be had for $5 using the above discount code.

DiscountMags never charges sales tax, offers free delivery and will not auto renew subscriptions. Note: digital access normally becomes available once your first print edition arrives.


Fast Company Stories January 3, 2015

expiredNew Years Health & Fitness Magazine Sale from $4.50 per year: Men’s Health, GQ, ESPN, Runner’s World, many more

The DiscountMags Happy New Year Health & Fitness Magazine Sale is running from now through Sunday at midnight. Outside of once a year holiday pricing, most of the best mags in the sale are matching our usual exclusive pricing including Men’s Health, Women’s Health, GQ, Men’s Fitness, Runner’s World, ESPN, Golf Digest, Golf Week, Bon Appetit, Fast Company and many more. You’ll also fins number of mags with digital access included as well.

While we do see Maxim magazine go for less, $4.50 is a decent price outside of the deep discounts we saw on it over the holidays.

Remember, there is no sales tax, no auto renewals, and completely free delivery. These deal are only available to those in the US and expect digital access to come once the first print edition does. No code needed.

Fast Company Stories May 2, 2014

expiredOne year magazine subs: GQ w/ digital $5 shipped (Reg. $48), Macworld, Fast Company, more

Update: While yesterday’s deals are still live, DiscountMags has kicked of its Spring BlowOut Sale this weekend with titles as low as $4 including Fast Company and INC, Maxim for $4.50, Men’s Fitness for $5 and many others.

Today’s best mag deals include  a one year sub to GQ w/ digital access for just $5 shipped using code 92500 from That’s $43 off the newsstand price and $15 under the sale price. GQ’s digital access is available on iPad, Kindle Fire, and Nook and comes with exclusive interactive extras. YOu can see the full break down on the deal listing.

You can also grab a one year sub to Macworld w/ digital access for $8 shipped using code 92500 ($97 off newsstand, $15 off the sale price). Other notable mag deals available today include:

  • The Economist 1-year sub: $51 w/ code “92500“ (Reg. $179 newsstand, $127 sale) – 51 issues
  • Bon Appetit w/ digital 1-year sub: $5 w/ code “92500“ (Reg. $48 newsstand, $24 sale)
  • Astronomy 1-year sub: $13 w/ code “92500“ (Reg. $60 newsstand, $43 sale)
  • Fast Company 1-year sub: $4.50 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $50 newsstand, $12 sale)

TopMags also offers completely free delivery, no sales tax, and will never auto renew on you.

Capstone Young Readers is offering 30% off all DC titles for a limited time only. Don’t forget to enter the code (above) at checkout to receive your special offer.

Tomorrow is also FREE Comic Book Day (The biggest and best FREE event of the year!) Help celebrate by visiting a participating comic book shop in your area.

Fast Company Stories April 26, 2014

expired2-year magazine subs starting at $7: Maxim, Dwell, Pop Science, Macworld, Men’s Health, many more

DiscountMags has kicked of its multi year weekend sale, offering a number of popular titles starting at as low as $3.50 per year. While all the deals available in the sale are minimum 2 year subscriptions, most of them undercut our best previous yearly pricing.

Notable mutli-year deals in the sale for lower than (or matching) our normal one year prices include Maxim, Dwell, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Fast Company, Esquire and more.

There are also a number of great two year magazine subs available with digital access matching or beating our all-time lows including Macworld for $14 (Reg. $167), Men’s Health for $13.50 (Reg. $100), Women’s Health for $9.50 (Reg. $99), and The Atlantic for $9 (Reg. $120).

All of today’s deal are only available in the US where DiscountMags offers free delivery, no sales tax and no auto renewals. You can find more mag deals outside the weekend sale below including a major sale on dozens of 1-year comic book subs:

Fast Company Stories April 22, 2014

expiredOne year magazine subs starting at $4.50: Maxim, Fast Company, Pop Photography, Macworld, more

We have some solid magazine subs today including Maxim, Macworld, Popular Photography, Inc and Fast Company all matching the lowest we’ve seen outside of multi-year/multi-mag and special promos.

A one year sub to Maxim is $4.50 with free shipping today using code 9TO5TOYS ($43.50 off newsstand, $8.50 off the sale price) and a Popular Photography subscription is just $5 with free shipping for the whole year, again using the above discount code ($49 off newsstand, $9 off the sale price).

Here are a few other notable mag deals available today using code 9TO5TOYS:

Macworld w/ digital access 1-year sub: $8 shipped ($97 off newsstand, $15 off the sale price) Inc & Fast Company 1-year sub: $9 shipped ($101 off newsstand, $15 off sale price)

All of today’s deals are only available in the US where DiscountMags offers free delivery, no sales tax and no auto renewals. Purchasing all of today’s mag deals would run you $72.89 (at the already deeply discount sale price), but using code 9TO5TOYS drops the total down to $26.47.

Fast Company Stories March 17, 2014

expiredMagazine deals: Car, AUX, Stylist, more FREE from Google Play, Macworld, more

Update: Barnes & Noble is offering 4 free magazines and a sneak peek at 4 upcoming books for a limited time inside its free NOOK reading app for iOS.

We have some nice mag deals for you today starting out with some freebies! Google Play is offering a number of digital mags for free including Car Magazine, AUX, Stylist, Shortlist, Wedding Day Venues and Fit Pregnancy: Mom & Baby. The length and style of subscription varies from a few months to special editions and mag apps.

In other mag deals, Macworld is available today again (including digital accessand free delivery at up to 2 years for $8 using code 9TO5TOYS ($76 off newsstand, $14 off sale price). Popular Science is available for just $5 during checkout with the purchase of Macworld.

You can also grab PC Magazine today at 50% off, bringing your total down to $20 per year.

“PC Magazine is America’s #1 technology magazine, delivering authoritative, lab-based comparative reviews of technology products and services…”

Mags from Google Play: FREE – Car Magazine, AUX, Stylist,more Macworld w/ digital 1-year sub: $8 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $84 at newsstand) – Up to 2 years

Fast Company Stories February 12, 2014

expired1 year magazine subs: Men’s Health & Fitness bundle: $10 (Reg. $85), Rolling Stone: $5 (Reg. $102), more

In today’s magazine deals we have a one year sub to Rolling Stone magazine for just $5 using code 9TO5TOYS, bringing you a savings of $97 off the newsstand listing, $15 off the already deeply discounted sale price and the lowest we’ve seen a one year sub on this mag go for.

We also have a one year sub to a Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness bundle for just $10, again with code 9TO5TOYS. This is as much as $75 off these two mags at the newsstand and $20 under the regular asking price on this bundle. We also have Fast Company magazine for $4.50, again with free delivery and using the above discount code.

Men’s Health & Men’s Fitness 1-year sub: $10 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $85 at newsstand) – Up to 3 years

Rolling Stone 1-year sub: $5 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $102 at newsstand) – Up to 3 years

You can find more details on each mag below the fold:

Fast Company Stories January 25, 2014

expired1 year magazine subs for $5 w/digital access: Men’s Health, Wired, GQ, Women’s Health, many more

This weekend DiscountMags is running a $5 Magazine Sale including a ton of options in a number of categories from Tech and Fitness to Lifestyle and Business mags. Some notable $5 deals are Men’s Health (Reg. $45), Wired (Reg. $60) and GQ (Reg. $48), all of which include digital access.

Today’s deal requires only a one year sub and comes with completely free delivery in the US, matching some of the lowest prices we’ve seen on Popular Science, Men’s Fitness, Fast Company, Motor Trend and Car & Driver magazine outside of multi-year / multi-mag promos.

Another major plus about this weekend’s deal is that a number of the highly rated mags come with digital access including Wired, Bon Appetit, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Golf DigestThe Atlantic, and GQ. You’ll get both your traditional copy on your doorstep and a digital one delivered right to your device for an entire year at just $5.

Fast Company Stories August 22, 2013

1 Year Magazine Subscriptions: Maxim $3.50, Fast Company $4.40, more

DiscountMags is offering Maxim for $3.50 per year using code “6226” and Fast Company for $4.39 per year with code “SLICKDEALS”.  DiscountMags always offers free shipping, absolutely no sales tax and don’t worry, the subscriptions are never subject to automatic renewals. Zinio is also offering a great deal on Shutterbug magazine, among others.

Maxim Magazine $3.50 w/code “6226” (Newsstand $48) – 10 issues per year

Maxim is an edgy men’s magazine suggested for mature audiences only.  Each issue is packed with candid photos, interviews, sex tips and articles about sports, entertainment, gadgets and more. Written in a funny and entertaining style it’s sure to have you kicking back, relaxing, and laughing…

Fast Company Magazine $4.40 w/code “SLICKDEALS” (Newsstand $50) – 10 issues per year

 Fast Company Magazine is known as the hip guide to the business revolution, featuring the latest business news and trends, cutting-edge entrepreneurs and the very fastest growing companies.

Shutterbug Magazine $10.50 (Newsstand $48) – 12 issues per year

 Shutterbug Magazine is for the camera enthusiast. Shutterbug Magazine tells you what to buy, where to buy it, and how much to pay as far as cameras are concerned. Shutterbug advises you on how to shop around for cameras and everything else related to photographic equipment.

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