Final Fantasy II on iOS/Android available free inside the FF Portal app ($8 value)

Update (2/5 12:54pm):  If you’re having trouble finding the freebie: Load up the Final Fantasy Portal app, the go the Final Fantasy II page where you’l find a purchase button. This will essentially get you the game as a free in-app purchase for FF Portal, meaning you can play it in its entirety via the FF Portal app once the purchase has been made.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Portal app is a free download on the App Store that comes with the latest info on everything Final Fantasy and more. The app also contains some free games like Triple Triad and the classic Final Fantasy (portal version), but every once in a while Square offers a regularly paid iOS app for free as a bonus. In celebration of the one year anniversary of Portal, you can now download Final Fantasy II for free from now until February 14th. FFII regularly sells for $4 – $8, and has never gone free directly on the App Store. Head below for more details on how to get the freebie on iOS and Android: