Fireproof Games Stories December 18, 2018

expiredOne of the best story-puzzlers on iOS hits all-time low: The Room Old Sins for $2 (Reg. $5)

Fireproof’s The Room series has always been among the best adventure-puzzle games on the App Store. The latest entry, Old Sins, is getting a rare price drop today. Regularly $5, you can now download it for just $1.99. Outside of a brief launch sale, this is the best price we have ever tracked. The story is set as a “sudden disappearance of an ambitious engineer” prompts the hunt for a precious artifact via a peculiar dollhouse. It is among the top 20 puzzle games on the App Store and carries a 4+ star rating from over 19,000 gamers.

Fireproof Games Stories June 27, 2018

expiredToday’s Best iOS & Mac App Deals: The Room Old Sins, Rusty Lake Hotel, more

In today’s best iOS and Mac app/game deals, we have notable price drops on The Room: Old Sins, Rusty Lake Hotel, Alto’s Odyssey and more. You’ll find a complete list of today’s absolute best apps curated by hand down below:

Fireproof Games Stories January 30, 2018

Fireproof Games has made a name for itself among gamers with The Room series over last few years. The game is highly touted as one of the best of its kind on mobile, and it just kept getting better every time another sequel dropped. The original game in the franchise launched way back in 2012 followed by a pair of sequels in 2013 and 2015. Fireproof has kept us waiting for a while on the next entry in the critically acclaimed series, but wait no longer. expand full story

Fireproof Games Stories March 8, 2016

Fireproof Games launched the third entry in its extremely popular The Room mobile game series about 4 months ago, and today we are getting our very first price drop. Regularly priced at $4.99, you can now grab The Room Three for just $1.99 on iOS. Not only is this the best price we have ever seen, but discounted iTunes gift cards like the ones we have available right now can bring even deeper deals. On top of the half a million 4+ star reviews the first two games in the series carry on the App Store and Google Play, The Room Three has garnered a 4+ star rating from over 16,000 gamers since its release back in November.

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Fireproof Games Stories November 4, 2015

The Room franchise is one of the most popular puzzle mystery games on mobile, with the first two games in the series garnering a 5 star rating from nearly a half a million reviews across the App Store and Google Play. Today, developer Fireproof Games took to its Twitter account to announce the release of The Room Three.

Unfortunately, the game is only available to iOS users as of right now. Fireproof Games has no specific dates for Android, but says it is currently working hard on it.

Head below for the release trailer and to find out more about the latest entry in the BAFTA and Apple Game of the Year award winning series: expand full story

Fireproof Games Stories December 29, 2014

Welcome to our second edition of Gaming For Couples! There are many couples with a gaming imbalance — one person loves games, but the other (often a girlfriend or wife) doesn’t. So we’ve created this column to focus on games that two people can enjoy together, fostering a shared sense of interaction and fun. Gaming For Couples picks need to be reasonably priced, made for both girls and guys, and widely available.

Today, we’re looking at three games from the same series: Fireproof Games’ The Room, The Room Pocket, and The Room Two, recipients of numerous best of the year awards. The first two games are actually the same title, formatted for the iPad and iPhone respectively, while The Room Two is a true sequel. It’s a perfect time to play through these games, as they’re currently being discounted below their original $5 asking prices, and The Room Three is expected to be released in Spring 2015.

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