Ford Stories May 2, 2019

Just last week, Amazon officially rolled out its in-garage delivery service nationwide to 50 different cities and metro areas. Now the online retail giant is partnering with Ford as part of another expansion of the Key by Amazon service. This time, the collaboration is bringing in-car delivery into the mix, allowing you to have packages shipped from Amazon right to your Ford or Lincoln vehicle. Find all of the details about the launch down below.

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Ford Stories December 18, 2018

This is not a joke. Ford, a car company, has spent quite a few man-hours working on a noise-cancelling dog kennel. This should not be too surprising when considering that there are certainly a few folks at the company who absolutely love their pups. Pair this with the fact that more companies are giving employees time to do extracurricular projects, and it’s not too hard to imagine how this likely came about. Regardless of the circumstances, the prototype is real and the company even released a video showing off its current state.

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Ford Stories June 24, 2015

Lexus just teased a new hoverboard and it looks awesome

Update (7/30 10:30am): Lexus has released another teaser video, this time announcing that it will finally take the wraps of its new hoverboard on August 5th.

Lexus is showing off a hoverboard today – yeah, you read that right – and it looks pretty sick. By combining liquid nitrogen-cooled conductors and magnets, it will lift a rider off the ground while standing on a bamboo platform. The nitro does make a pretty cool effect with the slight smoke billowing out. There aren’t many details at this time, but it certainly is worth checking out the teaser video:

Turns out, Lexus isn’t the only car company working on some cool technology. Ford has detailed a new e-bike that can fold up into your car’s trunk. Called the MoDe:Flex, although we don’t have much information other than that, Ford has released a video showing it cruising around.

It can sync with the Mode:Link smartphone app to plan routes, tracking progress, etc. Although it’s currently a prototype, this would be a pretty killer way to get around town.

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