Game Boy Stories August 12, 2015

These magnets can turn your fridge into a Game Boy for $20 Prime shipped

Have you ever wanted to turn your fridge into a giant Game Boy? Us too. Ok, well your fridge isn’t going to be able to play actual Game Boy games with the Freezer Boy set like this giant GB XXL emulator or the mini 3D printed Game Boy project. But for under $20 Prime shipped, you can at least make it look like it can.

FreezerBoy is a set of 6 magnets consisting of the 16 by 12-inch display, D-pad, the two iconic red face buttons and start/select buttons. According to the listing, they fit on fridges of all sizes (and laundry machines too!) and don’t leave any marks when you take them down.

Game Boy Stories July 27, 2015

Make your own miniature 3D printed, Raspberry Pi-powered Game Boy emulator

An interesting 3D printed, raspberry Pi-powered Game Boy emulator has popped up on Thingiverse recently. The DIY project combines the versatility of the small Raspberry Pi computers with some intelligent 3D printing to create what is essentially a mini portable Game Boy/SNES handheld console.

At just 75% the size, it has a much smaller footprint than the original Game Boy, and is just a fraction of the size of the giant Raspberry Pi-powered Game Boy emulator we detailed previously.

Packed with a Raspberry Pi A+, a slightly modded controller set-up (inspired by the SNES), and a 5V smartphone battery pack, the 3D printer files for the case and D-pad are provided on Thingiverse.

While you’ll need a 3D printer, a basic knowledge of the Raspberry Pi universe and a bit of ingenuity, it is possible to put one of these suckers together yourself. The instructions aren’t exactly detailed, but they do provide the necessary 3D printer files and a basic rundown of how to put it together.

Source: Slashgear

Game Boy Stories May 21, 2015


Remember all those old console and handheld games that are still in your mom’s attic? The ones you couldn’t stand to throw out, in hopes that one day an answer to your nostalgic gaming needs would bring these titles back like a Phoenix from the ashes. Today, is your lucky day…at least in Japan.

A new console from an Asian company called Cyber Gadget aims to bring back all of your favorite games from a variety of formats. All told, over 11 different gaming platforms will be supported and the list includes all the favorites… expand full story

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