game developer Stories August 14, 2015

To help make app development more accessible, 9to5Toys Specials has The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course for $99, plus two other great courses at low prices.

This headline video course teaches you from scratch how to create apps for the upcoming iOS 9 and WatchOS 2. The 90 hours of tuition includes a comprehensive tour of Xcode 7 and Swift 2. You also learn how to work with SpriteKit and design great user interfaces. There are 100 practice apps to hone your skills on, and the videos show you the technical wizardry behind apps such as Tinder, Instagram and Uber. The deal takes 90% off the regular price of the course.

If you’d like to concentrate on wrist-based apps, the Complete Apple Watch Developer Course offers 13 hours of content for $29.

The learning curve is gentle, as the tutorials on Xcode, Swift, and Objective-C start with the basics. Along with 15 practice apps to build, you learn how to reskin and modify the source code of open source apps. You can grab 85% off the course with the current deal.

Gaming is another way to specialize your skills, with the ‘Build 20 Games’ iOS Game Developer Bundle at $20.

This bundle contains 20 courses, split into four genres of games. Each course shows you how to develop a single title. Many of these replicate the gameplay of App Store chart-toppers (e.g. Swing Copters, Candy Crush). With 99% off the tuition, this is a great way to get some real world experience and build a portfolio. expand full story

game developer Stories July 27, 2015

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Building a game that people love to play is an unparalleled experience in creative design. If you would like to give it a go, the fifteen courses in the Game Developer Bundle offer a comprehensive starting point, and you can pay what you want for them at 9to5Toys Specials.

The bundle has three main tracks, with the courses grouped into collections. Folks wanting to avoid code get five courses dedicated to development by other means. This includes tuition on how to use software such as Stencyl and Construct 2 to bring your ideas to life, plus content on exporting your finished games. A collection of four courses focuses on Unity 3D, the engine that powers many of the world’s biggest titles. You learn animation, particle effects, physics, and how to design levels. The other option is to learn HTML5, with the six-course collection showing you how to create 2D physics, in-game music, and the parallax effect.

  • Game Development for Non-Coders 5-Course Bundle ($128)
  • Unity 3D Game Development and Design 4-Course Bundle ($225)
  • HTML5 App and Game Development 6-Course Bundle ($186)

You can pay whatever you like for the Non-Coders track; beat the average price paid to unlock the full bundle – get it at your chosen price now.

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