gameplay Stories August 5, 2013

First gameplay footage of Gameloft’s upcoming NFL Pro 2014 for iOS

Gameloft has revealed the first gameplay footage for the upcoming free football simulator, NFL Pro 2014. The updated version picks up where where last year’s version left off, giving you the ability to use save games from NFL Pro 2013 or choose a new team from anyone of the 32 franchises. The game features updated graphics and new social matchmaking features, among other things.

NFL Pro 14 is coming on August 7 to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

NFL Pro is back on your smartphone and tablet. As the major update to NFL Pro 2013, the only free-to-play football simulation game is now more immersive, more realistic and more social.

gameplay Stories July 9, 2013

Rockstar has released the first gameplay trailer for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V today, showcasing the game’s massive open world and intense focus on gameplay mechanics. Previous trailers did show off in-engine footage but this is our first look at actual gameplay. We get a great look at Los Santos as well as the new gameplay mechanics that allow you to switch between the three playable protagonists. The gameplay trailer also shows off a number of heist situations as well as all the different recreational activities we are expecting like hunting, diving, shopping and golfing as well as Rockstar’s new focus on stronger core gameplay mechanics including driving and shooting.

Rockstar also recently announced that GTA V will require an 8GB mandatory install on both Xbox 360 and PS3, fortunately once installed 360 players won’t ever have to switch the disc while playing.

Grand Theft Auto V Standard Edition $60 Grand Theft Auto V Special Edition $80 Grand Theft Auto V Collector’s Edition $150

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