Gerber unleashes Lockdown Pry and Drive multi-tools with modern, low-profile styling

Gerber Lockdown Pry

With hundreds or perhaps even thousands of pocket knives and multi-tools to choose from these days, it can often feel like just about every style, and feature has been tried before. That’s until we see offerings like Kershaw Downforce or the new Gerber Lockdown Drive and Pry units come to market.

Unique designs and functionality make these stand out in a crowded market and certainly grab our attention. Looks are not the only differentiating factor of either Gerber Lockdown multi-tool, with Pry wielding an exchangeable #11 blade and Drive also functioning as a Philips screwdriver. Continue reading to learn more.

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All-new Gerber Zilch pocket knife pairs slim footprint with a stylish design

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Truth be told, the average pocket knife tends to be pretty boring. It serves a purpose, but generally won’t turn heads based on its design. This is not the case when it comes to Gerber Zilch. It is available in several colorways, all of which have “exposed barrels, an unexpected spine design, and the option to customize deployment.” As with much of the competition, Zilch has a clip for keeping it snugly attached to your pocket. When opened, it spans a total of 7.2 inches, which is fairly impressive given its lightweight 2.2-ounce design. Continue reading to learn more.

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