Gift Guide Stories December 15, 2018

We’re just over a week away from Christmas but there’s still plenty of time to pick up some last-minute gifts for the big day. Our annual gift guides have been giving you a glimpse into our staff’s favorite tech, home goods, and more over the last two weeks. Now, it’s time to look at the best last-minute gift ideas for those shoppers with work still to be done.

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Gift Guide Stories December 12, 2018

If you’re shopping for a gamer this Christmas, finding the perfect accessory for them is never easy. Some products are system-specific, others just aren’t the quality that we’d want or expect. Let’s take a look at several options that you could pick up as gifts for gamers in your life, from Xbox to PlayStation, Switch, and even cross platform. Keep reading to find all of my favorite gaming gifts you can buy this holiday season.

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Gift Guide Stories December 10, 2018

December is a hectic month. Amidst all of the cookie-baking, gift-wrapping, and obligatory party-attending, it’s easy to forget to look out for number one. This year, give the gift of self-care by procuring an at-home spa kit full of products that’ll leave your recipient glowing for the new year. Best of all, this is something you can easily do on a budget. Head after the jump to see my selection of favorite beauty gifts for less than $20.

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Gift Guide Stories December 8, 2018

The countdown to Christmas is dwindling down, and this time of the year tends to be busy for most of us. Fly through those New Year’s resolutions with a refresh of your fitness apparel and tech that will help you achieve and set goals. Especially if you have a fit friend or loved one on your Christmas list, our gift guide below has you covered. Whether they’re into running, cycling, hiking, yoga or a gym junkie, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for every budget. Head below to find our top picks.

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Gift Guide Stories December 5, 2018

It’s that time of year again, so here comes the best gifts for musicians. We have already covered essential smart home gear, low-cost tech gifts and even some great ideas for keeping things organized around the office, but now it’s time for the loudest person on your list. Musical instruments and production gear has always been and will likely always be inherently expensive, so thinking slightly outside of the box for that special songstress on your list is a necessity. Fortunately for you, we have some great ideas below to get the wheels turning before it’s too late. expand full story

Gift Guide Stories December 2, 2018

It’s that time of year again; Christmas is quickly approaching and many are being filled with festive cheer as the winter holiday season is now in full swing. But if you’re bogged down by the chore of hunting down the perfect gift, we’ve got your back. At the top of the list, Alexa-enabled and HomeKit devices are an easy choice for tech enthusiasts. So you’ll want to head below to check out our top recommendations for must-have smart home gifts.

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Gift Guide Stories December 1, 2018

Every year we roll out our annual gift guides here at 9to5Toys, and each December I’m left pondering what tech is actually essential in our lives. I’m going to guess you already have your fill of Bluetooth speakers, gaming consoles and other 9to5Toys favorites that we feature here each day. That’s why I’m recommending five low-cost tech essentials that everyone needs. You may have some, you may not. But here’s my claim that every person should have the following five items…

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Gift Guide Stories November 28, 2018

Now that Christmas is under one month away, it’s time to start bringing your gift shopping to a close. If you’re anything like me, the people last on your list are often the ones that can be the hardest to shop for. Whether your interests differ widely or the person in mind simply buys everything they want when they see it, this gift guide is focused on banishing tech clutter in our lives.

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Gift Guide Stories December 18, 2017

We’re officially just one week away from Christmas, and that means it’s time to finish up those holiday shopping lists. Over the last two weeks we’ve covered a variety of topics in our gift guides, which you can see here. For the last minute shopper, you can find our favorite go-to gift ideas below that are sure to check every box next week.

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Gift Guide Stories December 10, 2017

With the holidays just around the corner, odds are you’ve already picked out the perfect gifts for just about all your friends and family. But for the tech enthusiast in your life that seemingly already has it all, crossing their name off your list may be proving harder than it needs to be. To help you out, I’ve picked out my favorite smart home gadgets that are sure to delight. 

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Gift Guide Stories December 9, 2017

Shopping for the tech enthusiast in your life this holiday season can be a difficult proposition. We’ve all been there; trying to find a worthwhile gift without breaking the bank. I’ve put together a list of my five favorite tech gifts for the holiday season, all of which are priced under $50. Hopefully you’ll find something here that will ease the burden of having that technophile on your list.

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Gift Guide Stories December 8, 2017

Everyone wants to be the coolest Mom/Dad/Aunt/Uncle/Grandma/Grandpa to their special little one this season. We don’t blame you and we completely understand that need here at 9to5Toys. For that reason we’ve looked at what amazed us the most this year from a few new tech toys and here is what we came up with: expand full story

Gift Guide Stories December 3, 2017

It is time to start shopping for that musician on your list. I know, it can be rough. Everything they want is either $800 or sounds like some weird gadget from a sci-fi movie. To make things a little easier for you we have picked out some sure-fire bets for any music-maker/producer on your list down below… expand full story

Gift Guide Stories December 2, 2017

In 2017, the athleisure look was definitely one for the books and the gear was top of the line. The days of lacing up a basic pair of Nikes and simply heading to the gym are long gone. True fitness buffs are known to have an abundance of sneakers in an array of different colors and designs, have a list of classes they are signed up for and will show you all of the workout gadgets. In today’s holiday gift guide I am sharing my top favorite fitness items that are geared for both men and women.

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Gift Guide Stories December 1, 2017

It’s that time of the year again. You’re probably starting your holiday shopping and trying to figure out what to get the smartphone addict in your life. If they’re asking for the latest headphones, car-finding technology, or chargers, we’ve got you covered. I’m switching devices all the time, so I need accessories that work across all platforms easily.

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Gift Guide Stories December 21, 2016

Well, we are just days away from the big holiday weekend and shipping times are starting to get close. If you still have some people on your list you haven’t taken care of yet, now is the time to do so. Amazon’s trusty 2-day shipping window is starting to draw nearer, and you certainly don’t want to get nailed with express shipping fees for missing the boat.

As usual, we have you covered. Down below you’ll find a host of last minute gift ideas that will arrive in time for the 25th. We have options ranging in price from stocking stuffer to “I might want to keep this one for myself”, and for just about anyone on your list: expand full story

Gift Guide Stories December 18, 2016

We have already brought you the best gift ideas for travel, inside the car, music makers, techies and more, and today we are taking a quick look at some of the best options for the gamer on your list. Much like musicians, gamers can be tough to buy for, especially considering they more than likely already have the game you were going to buy them, not to mention how expensive some titles, add-ons, controllers and more can be.

This list will focus on items that just about any gamer can enjoy whether it be a simple charger to keep their controllers juiced up, or some nostalgic art/swag to celebrate some of gamings most iconic personalities. And there are several options that aren’t going to empty out your pocket starting at around $6: expand full story

Gift Guide Stories December 16, 2016

Before long, the holiday season will be over. But chances are, you’re still doing a little shopping this weekend and into next week. As far as tech is concerned, most everyone knows the hottest gifts of the year. But sometimes you need something a little less costly. Often, we need a few extra ideas for office parties or extended family get togethers that aren’t going to break the bank. I’ve rounded up my five favorite gifts under $50 for 2016. Hit the jump for a few techie ideas that won’t hurt your wallet too much.

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