Hasselblad Stories June 19, 2019

We’re living through a remarkable time when smartphones paired with respectable cameras and advanced algorithms can in some instances deliver similar performance thanks to features like Portrait Mode. As smartphones continue to close the gap between high-end cameras, the pressure is on manufacturers to compete not only in quality, but also in price. The new Hasselblad X1D II 50C exists to reduce cost while also delivering remarkable medium format quality. expand full story

Hasselblad Stories January 16, 2018

Hasselblad cameras are beautiful. There’s no other camera a photographer could dream of having other than a Hasselblad, but they come at a cost. The high-end camera company’s cheapest camera is over $11,000. Because of this, Hasselblad cameras are reserved for the high-end only, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about the new releases this insane camera company comes up with.

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Hasselblad Stories June 23, 2016


Headlined by Leica’s retro-styled cameras, Europe has been cranking out beautiful equipment over the last few years. The latest of which comes from Sweden’s own Hasselblad. Known for its high-end offerings, the newest creation out of Gothenburg has a sleek design alongside a gorgeous touchscreen display. The X1D is a medium format mirrorless camera that is made by hand with the promise of a “handling experience unlike any other”…and a $9,000 price tag.

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