Hideo Kojima Stories June 14, 2016

God of War

Sony came out very strong at this year’s E3 with one of the most memorable showcase events in recent memory. It was a barrage of games, many of which were completely new titles, along with some very exciting details. The brand new God of War, an actual release date for The Last Guardian, a new Resident Evil title, new Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay footage and even more. Pricing and release dates for PS VR, the new Hideo Kojima game and what might be the most exciting Spider-Man game we have seen in many years, thanks to developer Insomniac.

Head below for all the details, footage and more:

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Hideo Kojima Stories March 4, 2015

Metal Gear V-Phantom Pain-release date

Update (8/25 5:25pm): After scoring 10/10 at most major review sites, here is the official launch trailer for MGS V:

Update (3/9 5:25pm): The Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Collector’s Edition on all platforms is now available for preorder on Amazon

Well, if you’re anything like me you have been waiting for an official release date on the highly anticipated launch of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. While series creator Hideo Kojima had previously stated that the game would hit sometime in 2015, we now know it will be available on PlayStation 3/4, and Xbox One/360 on September 1st, 2015. While the latest iteration of Metal Gear Online (MGO) is also scheduled to hit on the same day, PC players will have to wait another few weeks until September 15th to take control of Venom Snake.

Not only did we get an official release date, but Konami has also outted details on the special edition packs and a brand new exclusive Phantom Pain PlayStation 4: expand full story

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