HomeKit Stories April 2

Old houses can adopt HomeKit with Lutron’s Dual Light Switches: $125 ($40 off)

Amazon is offering the Lutron Caseta HomeKit-ready Two Smart Switch Starter Kit for $124.90 shipped. That’s $40 off the going rate found at retailers like Home Depot and is within $10 of the lowest price we have tracked. Having recently bought a second home built in 1905, I knew that smart lighting could get a bit tricky as most require a neutral wire and that’s something that didn’t become standard until later in time. Thankfully Lutron is here to save the day with no need for a neutral wire and a universal solution that is compatible with 3-way switches too. The included hub is compatible with HomeKit, Alexa, Assistant, Sonos, and more. Bundled remotes allow you add yet another physical light switch button anywhere you choose. Rated 4.6/5 stars.

HomeKit Stories March 18

expiredA new Amazon low strikes ecobee’s HomeKit-ready Switch+ at $36.50 (Save 25%)

Amazon is offering the ecobee Switch+ Smart Light Switch for $36.48 shipped. That’s 25% off the typical rate there and beats the lowest Amazon offer we have tracked by $0.50. This smart light switch has Alexa built-in, HomeKit support, along with occupancy and temperature sensors. This level of versatility makes it a solid choice for most smart homes, especially those that would stand to benefit from having Alexa in yet another location. Rated 4+ stars from 55% of reviewers.

HomeKit Stories March 11

expiredA new low graces Honeywell’s HomeKit-ready T5 Smart Thermostat at $87

Home Depot is offering the Honeywell T5 HomeKit Smart Thermostat for $87 shipped. That’s $40 or so off what it was fetching at Amazon prior to selling out and beats the lowest price we have tracked by $2. With Honeywell T5, it doesn’t matter if you prefer Alexa or HomeKit as you can tweak your smart home’s temps using either ecosystem. Having used a smart thermostat for many years now, it’s become one of the first installations I carry out whenever moving. I love being able to quickly change temps from bed if I get too hot or cold. Rated 4+ stars from over 70% of reviewers.

HomeKit Stories March 6

expirediDevice’s HomeKit Dimmer Switch also works with Alexa + Assistant: $45 (Save 45%)

Amazon is offering the iDevices HomeKit Dimmer Switch for $45 shipped. That’s $37 off the typical rate there and beats the lowest price we have tracked by $3. Unlike many smart dimmer switches, this offering is largely platform agnostic thanks to support for HomeKit, Alexa, Assistant, and IFTTT. Having converted my entire home to smart lighting over a year ago, I have zero regrets and would do it all over again. While I haven’t used this specific switch, I’ve been using an iDevices smart thermostat for years and remain very happy with it. Rated 4.1/5 stars.

HomeKit Stories February 8

expiredFibaro’s HomeKit Flood, Freeze, and Temp Sensor falls to new Amazon low of $50

Amazon is offering the Fibaro HomeKit Flood, Freeze, and Temperature Sensor (FGBHFS-001) for $49.99 shipped. Also available at Walmart and Apple. That’s $20 off the going rate found at retailers like Home Depot and Best Buy and beats the lowest Amazon offer we have tracked by about $10. If you reside in the HomeKit ecosystem and are always on the hunt for ways to broaden your smart home, this deal is worth a look. Fibaro’s sensor wraps flood, freeze, and temperature monitoring into a single device, allowing you to receive alerts when things are headed in bad direction. Considering the cost of damage that could occur if any of these things go undetected, Fibaro’s multi-sensor is worth every penny. Rated 4+ stars from over 60% of reviewers. Learn more from our hands-on review.

HomeKit Stories December 10, 2019

With smart home ecosystems largely funneling down to HomeKit, Alexa, and Assistant, it’s always good to see new products that natively support as many as possible. The new ConnectSense In-Wall Outlet thankfully supports all three, solidifying itself as a solid contender in the smart home space.

Unlike typical smart plugs, this unit replaces existing outlets. Going this route yields a clean look while also delivering desirable smart home functionality. “Ultra-precise power monitoring” is also a notable feature, delivering measurements that ConnectSense touts as accurate within a 0.1% margin of error. expand full story

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