Hot Wheels and Nintendo unwrap Mario Kart Rainbow Road Raceway, pre-order now

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Mario Kart Rainbow Road Raceway

Update 3/17: The listing is no longer available for order at Amazon and the brand has issues the following statement: “Hot Wheels new Mario Kart Rainbow Road track set was mistakenly posted for pre-sale on Amazon over the weekend. While we love to see fans excitement about the new product, it was listed in error. Customers who purchased it via pre-sale can receive a full refund by requesting one on Amazon. The Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road track set will be available for purchase this summer, so fans can keep an eye out for more details in the coming months.”

An exciting new Hot Wheels release has landed at Amazon. It’s the latest addition to Mattel’s Hot Wheels Mario Kart series and it sure looks like fun for kids and collectors alike. Without many details in the Amazon listing, specifications for the new Mario Kart Rainbow Road Raceway are a bit limited, but a lot can be deduced from the images shared. For starters, text on several marketing photos call out that both Mario and King Boo karts are bundled with the track. It also appears that the layout can transform from straight to curved to shake things up a bit. Continue reading to learn more.

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