iBUYPOWER launches HYTE SFF Revolt 3 PC case + pre-builts to upgrade your gaming setup

Today, iBUYPOWER announced a new sub-brand, HYTE. This brand’s first product is the Revolt 3 mini-ITX PC case, which was announced back at CES 2021. The Revolt 3 MK3 and Revolt 3 were designed “with careful consideration for DIY PC enthusiasts, gamers, and creators.” Packing a compact 18.4L form factor, these cases offer those with limited desk space the ability to utilize most RTX 30-series graphics cards and even up to a 280mm All-in-One liquid cooler. iBUYPOWER is offering this as both a DIY PC case, as well as a pre-built desktop, depending on what your needs are. So, what all does the HYTE Revolt 3 case deliver? Let’s take a closer look.

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