Ikea Stories November 13, 2019

Just over one year ago, IKEA made a splash into the world home automation with a series of affordable smart devices ranging from bulbs and smart plugs to sensors and more. Since then, the brand has filled out its Tradfri lineup with other devices, but today smart homeowners will be able to add yet another device into their setup. Enter IKEA’s Edison-style Smart LED Light Bulb. Launching with a low-cost price tag, this new release undercuts nearly all of the other smart filament bulbs on the market without sacrificing on features. Head below for a closer look.

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Ikea Stories April 15, 2019

Summer will be here before we know it and IKEA has stepped up its game with a new line of outdoor furniture. Not only is the entire line affordable but it also looks very luxurious. Kick back on a patio, porch, balcony, or deck with this new collection of stunning furniture. Whether you’re looking for sofas, dining tables, chaises or ottomans this new line has it all. Head below to find our top picks from IKEA’s new outdoor patio furniture.

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Ikea Stories January 18, 2019

If you look at Sonos and Ikea, the companies are quite different. While Sonos generally focused on higher-quality and higher-priced products, Ikea is known for its budget-friendly items. Last year, however, the two companies showed us a possible design for a budget speaker line. Now, Sonos and Ikea have confirmed that the Symfonisk line of smart speakers should be available in August.

The Symfonisk lineup of smart speakers will be built by Ikea but powered by Sonos, while being compatible with other speakers from the company. In a video outlined below, both Ikea and Sonos representatives spoke to what this line will represent: speakers built so you think about the sound, not how big the speaker is.

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Ikea Stories November 20, 2018

Black Friday is now just days away. Leading up to the year’s largest sale, we’re getting a look at what promotions IKEA plans to offer shoppers. The Swedish furniture company will be offering a wide range of discounts across its line of seating, storage and other home decor options. Head below to see some of the most notable discounts as well as the full ad scan.

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Ikea Stories August 17, 2018

Finding affordable vintage furniture can be almost impossible. However, IKEA has made it simple with its is new 75th anniversary collection. This throwback furniture line takes you back in time to the 50-60’s area of home design. The new collection is called “GRATULERA” and it features everything you need to add a modern appeal to your home. With a selection of their most popular products from three different time periods, the new items are set to release on three separate dates. The 50-60’s will be available this month, followed by the 70-80’s in October, and the 90-00’s in December. Keep scrolling to find our favorite items.

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Ikea Stories April 10, 2018

Ikea is known for “some assembly required” affordable furniture, but now, the housing megastore is selling Bluetooth speakers. Ikea literally made just about everything besides speakers before. I mean, you can walk into the store and buy everything, even the kitchen sink.

I have several Ikea items in my office/studio, from the company’s Alex drawer units to Linnmon desks, I love Ikea’s affordable home solutions. The Eneby Bluetooth speaker comes in two sizes and two colors, 8×8-inches or 12×12-inches, and either white or black fabric. But, what makes these speakers something to get? Let’s take a closer look.

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