XM XVSAP1V1 SkyDock In-Vehicle Satellite RadioEbay has the SkyDock XM Satellite in-vehicle radio receiver for iPhone and iPod Touch for $30 with free shipping. This deal doesn’t come with the original packaging but you can get the Sirius XM XVSAP1V1 receiver brand new from Amazon for less than $3 more at $32.95. That’s up to $28 off and $7 off the next best price. The Skydock allows you to listen live satellite radio, commercial-free music, news, sports etc. all while you drive. More details below the fold:

SkyDock XM Satellite Radio Receiver for iPhone and iPod Touch $33

The XM Skydock lets you use your iPod touch or iPhone to hear live satellite radio through your existing car radio. The dock is easy to install or remove, making it great for use in multiple vehicles. A flexible, rotating stalk enhances ease of use. This device even charges your Apple device while it operates.

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