Indiegogo Stories August 7, 2017

Johhnie Walker is walking right on over to Indiegogo to help fund its newest project. The whisky brand is pushing to create “bespoke” and personalized bottles of Scotch whisky for the project’s backers. Titled My Edition, the bottles include a personal Scotch blend, custom label for name or message, unique engraving on the glass, and a limited edition display case.

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Indiegogo Stories May 19, 2016


It’s no surprise that STEM programs are taking off in schools across the United States. Just consider the amount of technology at the hands of our kids in comparison to 20 years ago. There are a number of companies looking to take advantage of this surging trend. Roboterra is aiming to be right in the mix with its new robotics kit. Designed with “all ages” in mind, this K’NEX meets coding system is bound to be a hit with both educators and students.

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Indiegogo Stories April 4, 2016


There was a time when I was not a coffee drinker. Thankfully, I’ve since overcome such foolishness and regularly have a cup by my side. The struggle is finding the right vessel for your preferred beverage. Sure, I have some favorites but few are able to keep my cup of joe warm for an extended period of time. While there are popular options from Contigo and Thermos, to name a few, there is room for improvement here.

That’s where Yecup 365 comes in. This travel mug has a built-in power supply that is capable of heating and cooling your drink for hours on end. Not only that, it’s controllable via your smartphone so you can hit just the right temperature. While companies like Ember have gone down this road before, Yecup stands alone with its ability to maintain a much wider range of temperatures. Head below for full details.

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Indiegogo Stories March 9, 2016


It was almost a year ago exactly when popSLATE first released its e-ink display case for the iPhone 6. Straight away it looked like an intriguing alternative to wearables as a means of keeping up-to-date on notifications without unlocking your phone. However, the first generation’s design was a little clunky.

Fast forward to 2016 and popSLATE has launched a new Indiegogo campaign for its second generation iPhone 6/s/Plus case. The design has evolved in twelve months from the first release. With 22 days remaining in its crowdfunding campaign, it’s also clear that there is significant interest in this product…

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Indiegogo Stories February 10, 2016


We’re big proponents of standing desks here at 9to5Toys. As someone who works from home, I’m well aware of the challenges that come with sitting all day. While there are plenty of options on the market, prices have largely kept this product category out of the impulse purchase range.

Recently, we told you about NextDesk’s latest motorized creation that retails for $447. Today we’ve spotted a new Indiegogo project that cuts the price tag and offers a modular solution for nearly any setup. The OMBEE features a unique design with an eye on customization. Its price comes in at less than an iPad mini, making it an attractive option for those who prefer a more affordable solution.

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Indiegogo Stories February 8, 2016


You may have heard of BearTek before. It launched its first-generation Smart Gloves a while back as a way to control your smartphone with built-in sensors. Last Friday night, the guys behind BearTek made an appearance on Shark Tank and launched version 2.0 on Indiegogo. We won’t spoil the episode for you, but we’ll just say Mr. Wonderful had his doubts.

So what does the second generation add? In addition to the original model’s support for iPhone/Android, BearTek has introduced compatibility with GoPro plus “user-defined touchpoints” and a new developer kit. Full details below.

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