Internet Connected Stories September 11, 2015

The beauty of having a connected home is when products come together that ultimately make our lives easier. With HomeKit-ready devices popping up at many online retailers, now is the time to invest in upgrading your home with the latest internet-connected gear.

Smart locks for our front doors are not a new invention by any means. Schlage has been at the forefront of this movement for sometime. Westinghouse is now making the jump as well with a new product that has an integrated camera, door bell and many of those same smart functions that we’ve seen before.

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Internet Connected Stories January 27, 2015


If you are interested in a better sleep experience, but find the Sleep Cycle app or an expensive mattress aren’t the answer, you may want to check out the Luna smart mattress cover. What was born out of an Indiegogo campaign is set to become a reality later this year. Instead of re-making an entire mattress, that would ultimately prove to be very costly, Luna is a mattress cover that fits many beds. It is covered in sensors, which helps track your movement, sleeping habits and interacts with your data to monitor your overall health.

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Internet Connected Stories January 3, 2015


The home automation sector of consumer technology continues to grow and generally improve, as more devices gain “smart” functionality. We’ve seen a number of products enter the fray during Q4 of 2014, but it’s yet to be seen whether any one company is ready to bring it all together in a truly mainstream way. While we continue to wait on Apple HomeKit-compatible devices, we had the opportunity to spend some time with products from SmartThings, a Washington, DC-based company that promises an “easy, open and limitless” smart home experience.

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