iOS app developer Stories November 6, 2015


Fancy getting into iOS app development? You can currently pay whatever you want for the Incredible iOS 9 Developer Bundle at 9to5Toys Specials, which includes five courses and over 100 app templates.

Designed to be accessible for beginners, this bundle kicks off with three courses teaching the fundamentals. This includes an introduction to object-oriented programming, followed by tutorials on coding with Swift 2 and working in XCode 7. You can then move on to the courses that focus on WatchOS (for Apple Watch apps) and tvOS (Apple TV apps). For your future projects, the bundle offers a pack of over 100 app templates, plus two extra ready-to-ship photo editors that you can customize with your own code.

The bundle totals over 96 hours of training and $948-worth of assets. With this deal, you can pay what you like for a course and a template; simply beat the average price paid to unlock the full bundle.

iOS app developer Stories September 1, 2015


With the new version of iOS about to roll out, now is an exciting time to be a developer. The All-Inclusive iOS 9 and Swift Course Bundle teaches you from scratch, and 9to5Toys Specials has it for $49.

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iOS app developer Stories August 14, 2015

To help make app development more accessible, 9to5Toys Specials has The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course for $99, plus two other great courses at low prices.

This headline video course teaches you from scratch how to create apps for the upcoming iOS 9 and WatchOS 2. The 90 hours of tuition includes a comprehensive tour of Xcode 7 and Swift 2. You also learn how to work with SpriteKit and design great user interfaces. There are 100 practice apps to hone your skills on, and the videos show you the technical wizardry behind apps such as Tinder, Instagram and Uber. The deal takes 90% off the regular price of the course.

If you’d like to concentrate on wrist-based apps, the Complete Apple Watch Developer Course offers 13 hours of content for $29.

The learning curve is gentle, as the tutorials on Xcode, Swift, and Objective-C start with the basics. Along with 15 practice apps to build, you learn how to reskin and modify the source code of open source apps. You can grab 85% off the course with the current deal.

Gaming is another way to specialize your skills, with the ‘Build 20 Games’ iOS Game Developer Bundle at $20.

This bundle contains 20 courses, split into four genres of games. Each course shows you how to develop a single title. Many of these replicate the gameplay of App Store chart-toppers (e.g. Swing Copters, Candy Crush). With 99% off the tuition, this is a great way to get some real world experience and build a portfolio. expand full story

iOS app developer Stories July 22, 2015

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The launch of iOS 9 is just around the corner, but there is still time to become a full-fledged app developer. The iOS 9 Swift Coding Course teaches Apple’s coding language from scratch, and it is currently $59 over at 9to5Toys Specials.

You don’t need any experience with coding to take this course, as the tuition starts at the shallow end of Swift. However, you soon make progress, learning your way around Apple’s Xcode app and the features of iOS 9. You can then move on to iCloud integration, setting up notifications, and using the new stackView and AVAudioRecorder classes.

The format is step-by-step video instruction, followed by an assignment to test out your new skills. All together, there are ten functioning apps to build. This process not only hardwires the newly acquired skills into your brain, but it also gives you a nice portfolio. In total, the course amounts to 35 hours of content.

  • Dive into the details of building apps for iOS 9 with 35 hours of video
  • Be one of the first to build apps for iOS 9 and dominate the App Store’s top downloads
  • Become proficient in Swift and Xcode
  • Create an iCloud app
  • Set up push notifications for your app
  • Work with iOS 9 classes like stackView and AVAudioRecorder
  • Implement Swift code in unique ways
  • Follow the easy to understand step-by-step format

You can currently get 80% off this exclusive course – add to cart now.

iOS app developer Stories November 27, 2014

expiredReaddle iOS apps up to 50% off: Scanner Pro $3, PDF Expert 5 $7, Calendars 5 $3, iOS bundles, more

Premiere iOS app developer, Readdle, has put its entire suite of iOS apps on sale starting now for Black Friday. You’ll find all of the developer’s productivity apps up to 50% off or more right now including Printer Pro for $5 (Reg. $7), Calendars 5 for $3 (Reg. $7), PDF Expert 5 for $7 (Reg. $10), Scanner Pro for $3 (Reg. $7) and more.

Readdle’s apps combined have received 4+ star ratings from around 20,000 reviewers. You’ll also find Readdle’s iOS app bundles on sale including the Ultimate Productivity Bundle by Readdle for $12 (Reg. $32), but be sure to check out our post on iOS app bundles for more information on how to get the best deals.

Head over to our Black Friday roundups for more of the best game/app deals.

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