iRig Stories October 24, 2014

expirediRig Keys Pro Lightning MIDI keyboard controller for iPhone, iPad & Mac/PC $87 shipped (orig. $150), more

Amazon has the IK Multimedia iRig Keys Pro 37-key MIDI keyboard controller for iPhone, iPad and Mac/PC for $86.86 shipped. That’s more than $63 or 42% under the original listing, $15 under Guitar Center and the best price we’ve ween on the Pro, Lightning version of the popular iRig Keys.

IK’s iRig line features a number of #1 Best Sellers and is a great option for those looking to pick up some easy to use MIDI/recording gear without breaking the bank. You’ll get just about all the bells and whistles of your typical MIDI keyboard as well as some freebie recording software and Lightning support (30-pin and USB included) for iOS. It features:

  • 37 velocity-sensitive full-sized keys (a 3 full octaves range plus one note)
  • Modulation and pitch bend wheels
  • Volume/Data knob
  • Octave Up/Down and Program Up/Down back-lit soft-touch buttons
  • Input for an optional sustain or expression pedal
  • Core MIDI (iOS) and USB class compliant (Mac/PC) – plug and play
  • Includes Lightning
  • 30-pin and USB cables for compatibility with all generations of iPhone
  • iPad and Mac
  • Comes with SampleTank 3 SE for Mac/PC and unlocks premium content in IK apps on iPhone/iPad

This model has received 3.9/5 stars among Amazon customers. If you don’t have a Lightning device (or have a 30-pin to Lightning adapter laying around), you can pick up the previous gen model right now for just $59.49 shipped (orig. $100). That’s about $10 under Guitar Center and the lowest we’ve seen on this model.

IK also recently launched a grid-based, pad controller called the iRig Pads. You can find more information in our full rundown here.

More from IK on iRig Keys Pro:

iRig KEYS PRO gives you the best of both worlds. It’s a super-compact, bus-powered, “plug and play” MIDI controller that you can use anytime and anywhere. Yet despite it’s small footprint, if offers full-size, velocity-sensitive keys, allowing for a realistic playing feel. With its 37-key (3-octave) keyboard, you can play legitimate two-handed parts. What’s more, it has loads of pro performance features, and comes with cables and software for iOS devices — Lightning and 30-pin — and for Macs or PCs.

iRig KEYS PRO is equally useful as a portable MIDI keyboard or studio controller, and a perfect solution if you want a single keyboard to use in both situations. Connect it to your Mac or PC for use with your DAW and computer-based software instruments, and easily carry it around with you to use whenever and wherever you want with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

An ultra compact controller with full-size keys and pro features

For maximum playing comfort and versatility, iRig KEYS PRO includes modulation and pitch-bend wheels. It’s also equipped with an expansion jack, allowing you to connect a sustain pedal for an even more realistic piano playing experience, or an expression pedal for controlling continuous parameters like volume, tremolo, vibrato, rotary speaker speed and more (pedals not included)

iRig Stories September 25, 2014

With the popularity of grid controllers on the rise, IK Multimedia has now unveiled the latest addition to its iRig line of recording and DJ gear. iRig Pads is an “ultra-portable” grid-style MIDI controller for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac/PC.

Head below for more on what the “ultimate travel companion for the mobile electronic music producer” has to offer:  expand full story

iRig Stories August 20, 2014

IK Multimedia iRig PRO Audio/Midi interface for iPhone, iPad and Mac $118 shipped (Reg. $150)

Amazon has the IK Multimedia iRig PRO universal Audio/Midi interface for iPhone, iPad and Mac for $117.34 shipped. That’s around $33 or 22% off the regular $150 price tag, $8 under the next best price from a trusted retailer and the lowest we’ve seen this model go for.

The iRig Pro is an all-in-one recording solution for singer/songwriters and podcasters as well more experienced musicians looking for a quick demoing set-up on the go that works with all of their Apple devices. It offers mic and guitar inputs with “high definition, high-quality A/D conversion,” +48V phantom power for use with condenser mics, a suite of music-making software and apps, and will also double as a Midi interface using the included iRig Midi cable.

It comes with three cables: “a Lightning cable for newer iPhones, iPads and the iPad mini; a 30-pin dock connector for “older” devices; and a USB cable for connection to your Mac laptop or desktop.”

It has received a 4.3/5 star rating on Amazon where other iRig interfaces have also received excellent ratings and sit at the top of some Best Seller lists. Amazon also has a great price on the IK Multimedia iRig KEYS Pro Midi keyboard controller for $132.87 shipped (Reg. $150).

iRig Stories August 6, 2014

IK Multimedia launches the new iRig Mic HD for iOS and Mac/PC

IK Multimedia, makers of mobile and home recording gear, are releasing the new iRig Mic HD for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac/PC. The HD is an all-in-one recording option designed for home recording, podcasters and online radio broadcasters as well journalists and videographers on the go.

An upgraded version of IK’s previous model mic, the HD is a digital condenser that has a built-in “low-noise high-definition” pre-amp and features 24-bit, 48 kHz A/D converters, that negate the need for a sometimes expensive audio interface. It also has a handy gain control to ensure recordings of all types get tracked properly.

It comes with both a Lightning cable for your iOS devices as well as a USB cable for your Mac or PC (the 30-pin connector is sold separately). It also comes with a mic clip (for standard sized mic stands), a carrying case and a suite of software for iOS and Mac/PC including iRig Recorder, VocaLive and AmpliTube.

While you’re not likely to get the same quality digital conversion through one of these as something like a high quality Apogee interface, you’re also paying a fraction of the price at $129.99. Early impressions seem to be positive in terms of recording quality for the price range, but it may be smart to look into comparable Blue Microphones which have dropped in price recently. However, you’ll still pay significantly more for a mic that does both iOS and Mac/PC like the new iRig HD Pro.

The iRig Mic HD is available for preorder now and will come in a black model and a silver one exclusive to the Apple Store.

iRig Stories June 23, 2014

expirediRig PRO Mac/iOS recording bundle w/ interface, mic, headphones, cables: $189 shipped (Reg. $300)

As part of its Flash Deal of the Day, Guitar Center is offering the IK Multimedia iRig PRO Recording Studio bundle for $189 shipped. That’s $110 or 36% off the regular asking price and the lowest we’ve ever seen this starter recording bundle offered for. Buying each of these pieces of gear individually, without the headphones and the mic, will run you over $210. The interface on its own is regular $150 (currently $135 on Amazon) and has received a 4.4/5 star rating among Amazon customers.

Inside the package you get the iRig Pro audio interface with mic, guitar and midi inputs, a “studio-quality” phantom-powered condenser mic, the iKlip Pro Studio iPad stand and a pair of noise isolation headphones. You’ll also find an XLR mic cable, a 1/4-inch guitar cable, as well as IK’s iLine Mono Output Adapter and Stereo Aux adapter. ***This bundle does not include the midi extension cable for using midi controllers.

There’s some software in the deal as well: AmpliTube MultiTrack Recorder and Studio for iOS, as well as AmpliTube 3, T-Racks Classic, SampleTank XT, and AmpliTube Metal for Mac.

The iRig line of mobile and Mac friendly recording gear has generally received great reviews and can be both an excellent starter recording option and a simple/inexpensive way for more experienced musicians and producers to record on the-go. This kit can also be quite useful for those looking to get a decent sound for business voice chatting and things of that nature.

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