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Update (2/4 10:00am): The Kickstarter campaign for Janus Motorcycles is now live with the option to purchase t-shirts, stickers, and all of the leather goods featured in this article.

There are many different products that often cross our desk, the ones that we remember the most standout for more than just their function. The best often have a way of standing out visually, providing an experience that goes beyond its purpose. Transportation has continued to evolve over the last 120 years, we’ve come a long way from the model T to the Tesla D. But sometimes it’s the throwback style, a vintage offering that proves to standout amongst the competition.

Janus Motorcycles of Goshen, Indiana has managed to do just that. Creating a beautiful motorcycle that not only functions well, but it manages to do so with exceptional style. Over the last four years, Janus has developed into one of the burgeoning bike companies in the United States. What truly is a labor of love in a small shop in Northern Indiana, is now ready to be known across the world.

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