Japan Stories October 9, 2015

Say what you want, doing laundry isn’t easy. Nor is often fun. We’ve come so far, I don’t even have to get off the couch to unlock my front door anymore. Laundry machines haven’t seen as much advancement. There are some pretty cool washer and dryer options these days, but there is still some labor involved in the process.

Thankfully, Panasonic has partnered with Seven Dreamers in Japan to develop a unique laundry solution, called Laundroid, that takes most of the work out of cleaning your clothes. The good news: it folds your clothes by itself. The bad? It takes up to seven hours to complete a load…

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Japan Stories October 7, 2015

In recent years, Dyson has become known for its heating and cooling options as much as its popular vacuum cleaners. The bladeless fan has been welcomed by parents and senior citizens alike for its added safety, particularly with the heating elements. Dyson has offered air purification in its cooling fans before, but this is the first model that combines heat and cold into one package. Read on for more details on the new Pure Hot + Cool bladeless fan from Dyson.

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Japan Stories September 15, 2015

Today, Sony revealed a handful of accessories for the PlayStation 4 console at its TGS press conference in Japan. There will be four new DualShock controller colors (Gold!) and nine hard drive base covers that are slated for release this fall. Head below for more details.

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Japan Stories August 21, 2015

Pokkén Tournament – the Pokémon and Tekken mashup arcade game – will be making its way to the Wii U in 2016. Previously, this title was only available in Japan arcades but the producers have announced that it will be making a jump to Nintendo’s console. We have a full video trailer below with a full look at gameplay and given the massive success of Super Smash Bros. of Wii U and the following up Pokémon, it’s bound to be a huge hit.

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Japan Stories August 11, 2015

It’s been a big month for non-traditional transportation. A week ago we saw Lexus take the cover off its Hoverboard and now a new device from Cocoa Motors in Japan is stealing the show. The WalkCar is a small, trim four-wheeled vehicle that fits in your backpack and might be confused for a MacBook.

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Japan Stories May 21, 2015


Remember all those old console and handheld games that are still in your mom’s attic? The ones you couldn’t stand to throw out, in hopes that one day an answer to your nostalgic gaming needs would bring these titles back like a Phoenix from the ashes. Today, is your lucky day…at least in Japan.

A new console from an Asian company called Cyber Gadget aims to bring back all of your favorite games from a variety of formats. All told, over 11 different gaming platforms will be supported and the list includes all the favorites… expand full story

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