Kano Computer Kit Stories September 8, 2015

Raspberry Pi has changed the way we look at microcomputing, access to technology and computer programming. It has opened the door to bringing these small devices to schools for educational programs of all kinds. Today, the Raspberry Pi Foundation officially launched a new touchscreen display that truly makes it an all-in-one alternative.

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Kano Computer Kit Stories June 2, 2015


The beauty of Kickstarter is its ability to combine ideas with resources to bring new opportunities to market. We’ve already seen this model deliver very successful campaigns like Kano that put the power of micro-computing into the hands of many. A new project, called Eedu, is looking to provide that same experience to students interested in building drones.  This educational kit aims to further open the door to teach more young people how to code.  expand full story

Kano Computer Kit Stories March 25, 2015


When we first introduced you to Kano, it was coming off a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign and preparing to ship its first round of DIY Raspberry Pi systems for kids. Today, they’ve made an announcement that brings the Kano OS to more users than ever before. expand full story

Kano Computer Kit Stories February 2, 2015


The big news of the morning comes way of the Raspberry Pi foundation, which has announced its latest generation microcomputer. Starting today, the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B will be available for purchase at the same $35 price point that we’ve come to expect. The big jump in performance will open a whole new world of computing for hobbyist, hackers and educators.

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Kano Computer Kit Stories October 7, 2014


Kano, the company that raised over 1.5 million dollars via Kickstarter last year, has announced that its DIY computer kit for kids is available for sale today. What was once done by Steve Jobs in a California garage can be accomplished by your child in your living room. The thing that really makes it great for kids (and parents too) is the price.

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