Kano Stories November 5

expiredKano’s Raspberry Pi-powered Computer Kit hits Amazon all-time low at $82.50

Amazon offers the Kano Raspberry Pi-powered Computer Kit (2016) for $82.47 shipped. Originally $150, we’ve seen it more recently around $100 with today’s deal being a new Amazon all-time low. Kano delivers a kid-friendly approach to Raspberry Pi and STEM learning. It features everything needed to get started short of a monitor, although you can hook it up to a TV. Also included is access to Minecraft, Pong, YouTube, Google Suite, and much more. It’s a great way to jump start your child’s interest in programming this holiday season for less. Rated 4/5 stars. Learn more in our hands-on review.

Kano Stories October 30

Coding, to those unfamiliar, can often seem like magic. Rather than have this mystery be a bad thing for newcomers to the world of programming, Kano’s latest release looks to use this mysticism to inspire. The Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit was showcased earlier this year, and now we’re finally getting our hands on it.

By pairing a buildable magic wand with an in-depth and intuitive companion app, Kano’s Harry Potter Coding Kit teaches first-time coders the fundamentals they need by reciting spells and more. Head below to get an in-depth look at the company’s latest, most-entertaining release yet.

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Kano Stories October 25

expiredBring home Kano’s $90 Harry Potter Coding Kit at its second lowest price yet, more from $135

Today only, Best Buy’s official eBay storefront offers the Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit for $89.99 shipped with code PICKUPTEN. That’s only the second price drop  we’ve tracked on the recently-released STEM kit and the second lowest offer all-time. Kano’s latest kit allows you to create a motion-controlled wand to complete 70 creative coding challenges. Reviews are still coming in, but so far it carries a 4.9/5 star rating. Head below for more discounted Kano kits and be sure to use code PICKUPTEN to lock in the savings.

Kano Stories September 13

Kano first hit the scene back in 2015 as it rolled out STEM-focused coding kits centered around the popular Raspberry Pi computer. More recently, the kid-friendly brand has introduced its first kit with a display and even a Harry Potter wand. Fast forward to today, and Kano is taking the stage with a new build that centers around its first touchscreen display.

As iPads have filtered into schools, kids are more familiar with using their fingers as an input device. That makes Kano’s new release all the more suitable for STEM education and DIYers. More below.

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Kano Stories September 7

expiredKano’s Raspberry Pi-powered Computer Kit is down to $105 at Amazon (Reg. $150)

Amazon offers the 2017 Kano Computer Kit for $104.96 shipped. Also at Barnes & Noble. Regularly $150, today’s deal is good for a $45 discount and within $5 of the Amazon all-time low price. This is a fun and easy way to teach kids (or yourself) about coding and building Raspberry Pi systems. Rated 4/5 stars. Learn more in our hands-on review.

Kano Stories August 21

expiredLearn to code w/ Kano’s 128 LED Light Pixel Kit at $46 shipped (25% off)

Amazon offers the Kano Pixel Kit for $45.99 shipped. That’s good for a $14 discount from the going rate and is a new all-time low. For comparison, it still sells for $80 at Best Buy. It carries a 4+ star rating from 55% of shoppers. This STEM light kit teaches you how to code via your Mac, PC or any Kano Computer Kit and I love having mine show off color patterns at my desk.

Kano Stories July 24

Kano has emerged as one of the leaders in the STEAM space thanks to its accessible and technically impressive programming kits. For its latest release, Kano will be bringing the same high quality of educational content, but with a bit of a twist thanks to its newest partnership. Having journeyed to the wizarding world of Hogwarts, today Kano is debuting its new Harry Potter Coding Kit. This time around you’ll be able to assemble your very own wand which will guide you through iconic locations from the films in your pursuit to learning programming skills and coding fundamentals.

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Kano Stories July 2

expiredKano’s Pixel Kit teaches you how to code with LED lights for $55 (Reg. $80)

Amazon offers the Kano Pixel Kit for $54.93 shipped. Normally selling for $80 at Best Buy and direct from Kano, that’s good for a $25 discount and is the lowest we’ve seen it sell for at Amazon. Reviews are a bit mixed here, but from owning the Pixel Kit myself, I can definitely recommend it to anyone looking to learn how to code.

Kano Stories June 27

expiredBuild your own laptop w/ Kano’s Computer Kit now down to $130 shipped, today only

Today only, Best Buy’s official eBay storefront offers the Kano Computer Kit for $129.99 shipped. Also available directly from Best Buy’s Deals of the Day. That’s good for a $20 discount from the going rate at Amazon and is the best offer we’re tracked this year. Kano’s computer kit is a great introduction into the world of programming and lets you build your very own computer. Rated 4.5 stars from over 400 shoppers. Still not sold? Learn more in our hands-on review.

Kano Stories June 19

For many of us, assembling the first computers we could call our own was a right of passage to the freedoms that came with owning them. The same can’t be said for those growing up today, as often times the first device many receive is a hand-me-down smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Kano, one of the better-known companies in the STEAM and educational market, has a new kit in which kids, or really anyone for that matter, can assemble their very own portable computer and experiment with coding thanks to a variety of interactive tutorials.

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Kano Stories June 18

expiredAssemble your own laptop w/ Kano’s Raspberry Pi Computer Kit for $200 (Reg. $250)

Amazon offers the Kano Computer Kit Complete for $199.99 shipped. Normally selling for $250, that’s good for a 20% discount and matches our previous mention for the Amazon all-time low. This kit walks you through assembling your very own laptop and is a great introduction to learning how to code. Reviews are still coming in, but many of Kano’s other kits carry solid 4+ star ratings. I just recently got my hands on Kano’s latest kit and am impressed by its build quality and how clever it is to assemble. 

Kano Stories May 28

expiredKano’s Computer Kit Complete w/ Raspberry Pi helps kids learn to code: $200 (Reg. $250)

Amazon has the Kano Computer Kit Complete for $199.99 shipped. That’s $50 off the going rate at Best Buy and elsewhere, the lowest Amazon has offered it for and the best we can find. It shows you “Step-by-step” to “build your own powerful laptop…Look inside, plug the parts, bring it to life.” Rated 4+ stars.

Kano Stories January 8

If it wasn’t already obvious, CES 2018 is now in full swing with product announcements coming from every direction. The new Roav Viva Bluetooth Alexa assistant for your vehicle surfaced this morning, not to mention huge announcements from LG, Roku, Netgear, TiVo and the gorgeous Alexa-enabled Verdera Mirror. When it comes to the world of STEM, we expected to get some announcements courtesy of Kano and that we are.. expand full story

Kano Stories October 5, 2015

Kickstarter has delivered some pretty cool projects over the last couple of years. One of our favorites to come out of the crowd-funding world is the Kano Raspberry Pi microcomputer. As coding has taken off with the success of iOS and Android’s app stores, we are seeing more educators and parents take an interest in using it as a medium for learning. Kano was one of the first coding projects for kids on Kickstarter and we loved it.

Fast forward a year later and another Kickstarter campaign is focused on marrying robotics and coding into a kid-friendly package. Robo Wunderkind uses LEGO skills and iOS/Android connectivity to enable children to build their own robot. So far the response has been through the roof.

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Kano Stories June 14, 2015

We first covered Kano back in the fall of the last year, detailing its rise from a Kickstarter campaign to a fully funded success story. Now, we’ve had the opportunity to spend a few months with the Raspberry Pi do-it-yourself computer kit. It has a simple design with young computer scientists in mind. By coloring all of the included peripherals, Kano has created a unique yet fun learning experience for children and adults alike. expand full story

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