keychain accessory Stories November 2, 2015

The MyKee Titanium Multi-Tool Key fits 18 tools on your keyring: $22 shipped

The innovative MyKee Titanium Multi-Tool fits 18 useful tools onto your keyring. 9to5Toys Specials has this backup toolkit for $22 shipped — and you can pick up some great deals on backup power for your smartphone below, too.

The MyKee features a flathead screwdriver, several sizes of hex wrench, a bit-screw grabber, a levering device for opening cans and removing staples, plus a bottle opener, and a sharp edge for cutting and peeling. You can use the key for other functions as well, such as opening envelopes and splitting pills. It is made from strong Grade 5 titanium, meaning it can withstand all the force you might need to apply, yet weighs only 0.19 ounces. It is also corrosion resistant, and made in the USA.

You can grab the MyKee now at 14% off the MSRP, with free shipping to the Continental US.

The NomadPlus Smartphone Wall Charger and Battery Pack can recharge your iPhone with or without a wall socket: $25 shipped (Orig. $40, CA Tax Only)

Grab the aluminum-protected Titan and Titan Loop Lightning cables for two virtually indestructible charging options: $45 shipped (Orig. $60, CA Tax Only)

Get the Micro USB version of the Titan cables: $30 shipped (Orig. $45, CA Tax Only)

keychain accessory Stories July 3, 2015

Keyport High-Tech Multi-Tool: $40 Shipped (Orig. $60, CA Tax Only)

9to5Toys Specials currently offers the Keyport High-Tech Organizer for $40 with free shipping. It makes your keys easy to pocket and to use. It gets 4/5 star reviews from Amazon (where it is $10 more) reviewers

We all carry our keys in bunches. But you couldn’t create a more leg-stabbing, wastefully oversized method of storage if you tried. The Keyport keeps blade copies of your six most important keys, and it is small enough to fit into the tightest jeans pocket. When you get to a door, you simply slide the correct key out. It works with high-security keys, and most chipped car keys. In addition, you can fill any spare sliders with one of the supplied accessories — a mini-light, and a black-ink pen.

  • Fit the compact and lightweight gadget easily in your pocket
  • Use with a wide range of keys: standard, high security, and most chipped car keys
  • Get convenient, easy access to any key
  • Comfortably carry your keys without jingling, pocket bulge, or stabbing of your leg
  • Easily recover your keys if lost, with Lost and Found
  • Swap out included keys and accessories on the go
  • Personalize your Keyport with a variety of options

This deal takes 33% off the price of the Keyport.

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