Kickstarter campaign Stories June 16, 2015

With all of the success that Keurig has enjoyed in recent years, it’s no surprise that various projects have attempted to recreate the magic of that quick cup of coffee. A unique Kickstarter campaign plans to make its own bartender version of this kitchen mainstay. The Bartesian is an automatic cocktail machine that uses the familiar capsule system to mix custom drinks at the push of a button. expand full story

Kickstarter campaign Stories May 14, 2015

MaKey MaKey Go turns almost anything you want into a controller for your computer

MaKey MaKey Go at first glance is just a USB stick and an alligator clip. But what it is capable of doing is limited only by your imagination. From creating a gamepad out of play-doh to a keyboard staircase, you will have hours of fun experimenting. With no programming know-how needed and requiring only a USB port, the Makey Makey is sure to do well when it hits mainstream.

The device that’s capable of turning any object into USB controller, is available now for a pledge of $19 on it’s Kickstarter page.


Kickstarter campaign Stories May 11, 2015

We love Kickstarter projects. It’s pretty awesome to find people that are pushing the limits of where technology can bring us. In the case of this Kickstarter, it’s a group that has raised nearly $800,000 off a $9 computer, good for over 15x its original goal.

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