Kickstarter Stories March 14, 2017

At this point, it seems like everyone is working on their own variation of smart mirrors. From DIY setups, to even major companies. Getting started with your own isn’t terribly difficult, but a new project on Kickstarter hopes to make use of those old tablets you have lying around. Firefly, yet another smart mirror, has launched on the crowdfunding site with one major difference: it relies on an iOS or Android tablet to power it.

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Kickstarter Stories July 27, 2016

Amazon has announced that it is expanding its Launchpad store to include a new Kickstarter Collection featuring successful products from the crowdfunding site. Starting today, there will be over 300 items available for purchase from all kinds of categories. More details below…

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Kickstarter Stories July 19, 2016

What’s new for the bicycle? We’ve already explored a variety of electric options that use old-school designs and fresh techniques. I guess it’s time to think ahead. The Cyclotron does just that. Aside from its futuristic name, it has next-gen looks, too. It recently hit Kickstarter with eyes on raising around $56,000. With just four days remaining, backers have committed over double that amount…

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Kickstarter Stories June 20, 2016

Everyone likes to talk about coffee makers, whether AeroPress or Chemex is better or if Keurig has ruined our society for good java. Truth is, your coffee grinder is just as important to the process as your brewer. You have to start with a Burr-style grinder. It’s the best way to prep your beans for maximum flavor extraction. But evidently, there is a way to make it even better…

A new Kickstarter campaign brings us a Wi-Fi-connected coffee grinder that “measures bean freshness” and automatically replenishes your supply when it runs low. Sort of like Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service meets an elite nose for coffee…

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Kickstarter Stories June 15, 2016

Working in an office or even sitting next to someone at home can prove to be an annoying experience when sound from one activity leaks into another. Let’s just say my wife isn’t always fond of my evening Battlefield missions. The same can be said for that coworker that loves 80’s Euro disco when you like more of an acoustic vibe. Headphones are a natural answer but it cuts you off from the rest of your environment and those ear cups can get hot.

A new product called Soundlazer has taken to Kickstarter with its “virtual sound cloud” speaker system. It promises “immersive” listening experiences that don’t bug your neighbor. Early interest is strong but will it stand the test of time?

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Kickstarter Stories June 6, 2016

We’re not just talking about electric bikes as a “one day” or “down-the-road” solution any more. With smaller batteries and greater range, what once was a dream is now a feasible reality. The latest alternative fuel creation comes way of Lithium Cycles, a group out of South California that has eyes on bringing a retro-style battery-powered bike to the masses. So far, interest is heavy. The Super 73 Electric Bicycle has already raised over $165,000 in just a few days on Kickstarter…

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Kickstarter Stories May 9, 2016

Raspberry Pi is capable of carrying out so many different tasks. It truly is amazing how the tiny microcomputer system can be transformed into a robot, smart home hub, and a variety of other projects. It’s easy to get started with any of these cost-effective kits that provide everything needed.

Today, a new project has launched on Kickstarter that allows the tiny computer to power some of the most expensive consumer headphones on the market. The Hybrid Tube Amp for the Raspberry Pi brings an old school HiFi setup to today’s modern microcomputer. You’ll be able to utilize headphones that range from 32 – 300 ohm with this kit. As far as add-on accessories go, this one is pretty easy to install, according to the creators.

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Kickstarter Stories April 25, 2016

Apple has continually done a top-notch job of improving the iPhone’s internal camera system with each release. That said, third-party manufacturers have made a mark with accessories focused on upgrading optics in a variety of ways. Olloclip has made a name for itself with add-on lenses while other brands like Aukey are now pushing low-cost alternatives.

When it comes to replicating a true camera experience, the options have been much more limited. DXO released a Lightning-attached add-on last year, but the price tag and form-factor have remained a deterrent for many. That’s where PICTAR comes in. This retro-inspired accessory add physical controls and functionality via a companion app. The best news is that the price isn’t going to break the bank.

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Kickstarter Stories March 29, 2016

Bluetooth keyboards are commonplace now for most desktop computer and tablet setups. You can find hundreds of options for around $20 on Amazon. The problem is, these wireless input devices don’t exactly inspire. Most are made from plastic and and come in basic designs.

If you prefer a little more style in your setup, the QWERKYWRITER may be for you. This vintage typewriter-inspired device brings back the feel of old school mechanical keyboards with style to match. It even has the return bar that functions as an enter key. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, the QWERKYWRITER is available for all to purchase. More below.

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Kickstarter Stories March 25, 2016

Bluetooth audio and whole home music systems have been one of the hottest consumer electronic trends over the last year. We’re seeing budget and high-end options pop-up at all price points. Interest from consumers is at an all-time high as they look to cut the cord.

A new Kickstarter project is aiming to jump in to this crowded market with a new wireless streaming product. The ekko Hub allows up to 10 people to wirelessly stream music at once from a single source. It uses a series of small discs that connect to headphones or speakers as a means for communicating between the input and output. More below.

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Kickstarter Stories March 23, 2016

Tovala is the oven you’ve always dreamed of. Or is it a microwave? Let’s call it a robotic smartphone-connected conventional oven. Tovala is counter-top appliance for your kitchen that aims to make cooking easier than ever before. When bundled with its subscription meal plan, users will be able to “cook chef-prepared meal perfectly.” Sounds pretty good huh? Kickstarter backers agree, already pledging nearly $250,000 to get this service off the ground…

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Kickstarter Stories March 2, 2016

We first told you about What? Watch back in November as it released a new take on smartphone-connected timepieces. Now, four months later, What? has jumped on Kickstarter with its Calendar Watch in hopes of raising $100,000. That goal was easily surpassed within a few days.

Why so much interest? The Calendar Watch has a built-in display behind the face that visually blocks out busy sections of your day. For example, have a business lunch at noon? That piece of the pie on your display will be color coordinated to reflect your unavailability. Add an event later this evening? It will update automatically and show those changes. On top of it all, it’s a pretty good looking watch…

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Kickstarter Stories February 24, 2016

Spotify and the gym go hand-in-hand. Full access to nearly every artist (except Yeezy) and curated playlists make for a perfect pair. That said, getting “swole” isn’t exactly conducive to having an iPhone 6s Plus in your pocket. Sure there are some handy armbands designed for workouts but even those can leave your device exposed.

Funny thing is, Apple solved this issue a few years back with the iPod shuffle. Problem is, you’re limited to the songs within your iTunes library. A new Kickstarter campaign seems to have solved this issue. The Mighty Streaming Music Device combines your favorite Spotify playlists with an iPod Shuffle-like design. How does it work? Is it legal? All that and more below.

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Kickstarter Stories February 16, 2016

Retro gaming has seen a spike in interest over the last few years with popular titles like Mario Maker and Rare Replay enjoying recent success. It’s not a surprise that many projects are attempting to cash in on this trend. Just this weekend at Toy Fair 2016, the Coleco Chameleon retro gaming console made its debut. After a failed IndieGoGo campaign last year, the guys behind this project are back with a new licensing deal and eyes on a new round of crowdfunding. The question is, will its cartridge-style games spark enough interest? More below.

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Kickstarter Stories February 12, 2016

Immersit has a plan to bring an IMAX-like experience to your home theater for a fraction of the cost. The company just launched a new Kickstarter project in an attempt to sell its new 4D motion motion sim for couches. While the idea seems a little crazy, the execution appears to be on point.

By adding four motorized lifts to each corner of your couch, a brain can augment your seat in accordance with the movie or game on the screen. You have to see it action to really appreciate what’s happening here. Head below for a full demo video.

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Kickstarter Stories February 9, 2016

3Doodler has enjoyed massive success with its crowdfunding projects, raising over $1.5 million last time around. The second generation improved on the original with a slimmer design and stronger build. From the start, it always seemed like 3Doodler’s destiny to create a kid-friendly version of its pen. Now, it’s coming to fruition.

The new 3Doodler Start is clearly focused on a younger user with its colorful design. Looking further, the latest rendition offers a safe way for kids to experiment with 3D printing. Head below for more plus pre-order details.

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Kickstarter Stories January 29, 2016

The NYC souvenir market is about to get shook up by an impressive Kickstarter campaign. Two design firms out of New York, AJSNY and TO+WN design, have launched an intriguing project that promises to deliver incredibly detailed 1:5000-scale replica models of New York City. Virtually every building, skyscraper, landmark and outdoor space is represented across across 200 tiles. Just wait until you see the entire metropolis put together…

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Kickstarter Stories January 18, 2016

We’ve seen streaming media players that leverage your own personal headphones for private listening before. Roku uses a 3.5mm headphone jack that is built-in to its enhanced remote. The new Apple TV uses Bluetooth connectivity to get the job done. There are adapters on the market that can add wireless audio to nearly any setup. But beaming audio to multiple pairs of headphones for private listening is largely an untapped feature.

That’s where Blipcast is hoping to find its niche. This tiny add-on connects to any 3.5mm or optical audio source and streams sound to your iOS and Android devices via Wi-Fi connection. The idea isn’t new, but the execution is noteworthy. More below.

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Kickstarter Stories December 28, 2015

We’ve seen a rush of DIY robotic and computing kits for kids as popularity has risen over the last year. Companies like littleBits and Kano have introduced a handful products that put the power of computing into the hands of everyone. A new subscription service called Thimble recently launched on Kickstarter with eyes on delivering a project each month. Based on the reception its received, there is plenty of interest from campaign backers.

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Kickstarter Stories December 17, 2015

Retro gaming has made a serious comeback in recent years as iOS and Android have both seen re-dos of popular titles, as well as Nintendo’s massive throwback library on Wii U. It’s no surprise that classics like Space Invaders, Pong, and Asteroids have stood the test of time. These games were a genius mix of fun and ingenuity when they were released and still have a loyal following today.

A child of the 80’s by the name of Ken Burns (no not that one), recently launched one of the coolest retro gaming projects that we have seen on Kickstarter. But instead of using a television set or PC, he has shruken an arcade cabinet down to the size of your fingertips. Tiny Arcade brings takes all the joy of coin-operated gaming and transforms it into a modern day portable toy. Head below for more.

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Kickstarter Stories December 15, 2015

Action cameras are amongst the hottest holiday gifts this year as GoPro prices have steadily fallen and the market has been flooded with competitors. It’s no surprise that a product category once dominated by one brand is seeing its prices get undercut every day as more third-party brands get involved. The popularity and rise of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter are also playing a large role in this shift.

A new action camera has recently launched with an eye on finding a spot amongst a sea of competitors. The YoCam uses a compact design and a laundry list of features to standout amongst the crowd. Its campaign page proudly proclaims that this product integrates the “functions of GoPro, DropCam, Lifelogging Camera, Selfie Camera, Dash Cam and more.” That’s high praise for a product that just passed its initial funding goal.

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Kickstarter Stories December 9, 2015

Microcomputing enthusiasts have been the beneficiaries of falling prices and companies like Raspberry Pi putting more resources into its products over the last year. This is due to increased interest from consumers and crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter that have added mainstream visibility.

A few weeks back Raspberry Pi Zero launched as a $5 alternative to its Model B microcomputer. Today, we’re seeing a new system launch on Kickstarter that is affordable and brings some standout features to the table. The Pine A64 has a quad-core processor and is capable of 4K video, amongst other things. At a fraction of the Model B’s price, it’s already turning heads amongst the microcomputing community.

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Kickstarter Stories November 18, 2015

Apple TV, Roku players, Fire TV sticks and a handful of other streaming devices are invading our homes. Despite the different ecosystems, most of these set-top add-ons carry out the same task and are limited to a handful of streaming services. While TiVo has made some strides in bridging the gap between online and traditional content, it still isn’t perfect.

Instead of introducing another streaming aggregate, a startup by the name of GENII has developed a new media player, called CAST, that collects feeds from all your sources and combines them in one location. The kicker? You can stream those sources to other rooms in your house or to your friend’s living room as long as they also have a CAST. Sounds too good to be true, right?

GENII says its perfectly legal.

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Kickstarter Stories November 12, 2015

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity on DSLR cameras is not a new phenomenon. There are plenty of cameras on the market that currently offer this feature set to consumers. But there are some disadvantages to using Wi-Fi directly with a camera: it can drain your phone and DSLR battery quickly, requires your device to be locked into your camera’s network, and can be limited to a short distance depending on the setting.

Alpine Labs has a plan to improve on that. Its new Pulse remote plugs into the USB port on a number of Canon and Nikon cameras and attaches to the hotshoe mount to add iPhone-connected controls to your DSLR. It has a simplistic interface and design plus it’s low energy connectivity make it particularly noteworthy.

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Kickstarter Stories November 5, 2015

iPad cases are a dime a dozen at this point, it seems. It’s hard to stand out in a sea of folios, keyboards and smart covers. But Don’t Panic’s iPad cases have managed to do just that, a few times over. After successfully rolling through a couple of Kickstarter campaigns, the guys behind this intriguing case are back with the third generation. Their campaign video is pretty clever, check it out below.

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