Kickstarter Stories February 6, 2019

If you’ve ever been on a trip and wished that you had smaller bag for toting essentials during the day (or night), meet the Wandrd VEER 18. Instead of hauling a large and hefty bag around once you’ve made it to your destination, VEER is a packable backpack that shrinks to fit in a travel-sized option.

Once you’ve removed VEER from your travel bag, it expands into a fully-functional backpack. An inflatable back panel and camera cube ensure that even when your expensive pieces of gear jostle, they will be protected against potential damage. expand full story

Kickstarter Stories March 14, 2017

Firefly Smart Mirror

At this point, it seems like everyone is working on their own variation of smart mirrors. From DIY setups, to even major companies. Getting started with your own isn’t terribly difficult, but a new project on Kickstarter hopes to make use of those old tablets you have lying around. Firefly, yet another smart mirror, has launched on the crowdfunding site with one major difference: it relies on an iOS or Android tablet to power it.

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Kickstarter Stories July 27, 2016


Amazon has announced that it is expanding its Launchpad store to include a new Kickstarter Collection featuring successful products from the crowdfunding site. Starting today, there will be over 300 items available for purchase from all kinds of categories. More details below…

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Kickstarter Stories July 19, 2016


What’s new for the bicycle? We’ve already explored a variety of electric options that use old-school designs and fresh techniques. I guess it’s time to think ahead. The Cyclotron does just that. Aside from its futuristic name, it has next-gen looks, too. It recently hit Kickstarter with eyes on raising around $56,000. With just four days remaining, backers have committed over double that amount…

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Kickstarter Stories June 20, 2016


Everyone likes to talk about coffee makers, whether AeroPress or Chemex is better or if Keurig has ruined our society for good java. Truth is, your coffee grinder is just as important to the process as your brewer. You have to start with a Burr-style grinder. It’s the best way to prep your beans for maximum flavor extraction. But evidently, there is a way to make it even better…

A new Kickstarter campaign brings us a Wi-Fi-connected coffee grinder that “measures bean freshness” and automatically replenishes your supply when it runs low. Sort of like Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service meets an elite nose for coffee…

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Kickstarter Stories June 15, 2016


Working in an office or even sitting next to someone at home can prove to be an annoying experience when sound from one activity leaks into another. Let’s just say my wife isn’t always fond of my evening Battlefield missions. The same can be said for that coworker that loves 80’s Euro disco when you like more of an acoustic vibe. Headphones are a natural answer but it cuts you off from the rest of your environment and those ear cups can get hot.

A new product called Soundlazer has taken to Kickstarter with its “virtual sound cloud” speaker system. It promises “immersive” listening experiences that don’t bug your neighbor. Early interest is strong but will it stand the test of time?

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