Laundry Stories October 9, 2015

Say what you want, doing laundry isn’t easy. Nor is often fun. We’ve come so far, I don’t even have to get off the couch to unlock my front door anymore. Laundry machines haven’t seen as much advancement. There are some pretty cool washer and dryer options these days, but there is still some labor involved in the process.

Thankfully,¬†Panasonic has partnered with Seven Dreamers in Japan to develop a unique laundry solution, called Laundroid, that takes most of the work out of cleaning your clothes. The good news: it folds your clothes by itself. The bad? It takes up to seven hours to complete a load…

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Laundry Stories June 29, 2015


Washing your clothes is a chore. Especially, if you don’t have your own laundry setup at home or live in a small apartment. Sure there are some compact traditional washer and dryers, but ultimately they still require space and energy that some aren’t willing to compromise for.

Enter Yirego’s Drumi. The no-electricity washing machine that is compact, made of recyclable materials and lets you skip the public laundromats. Which is good news, because you never know what has been in the machine before you.¬† expand full story

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