Leica Stories July 10

Just three months after the Q2 debuted, Leica is back at it again with a new, well-rounded model that is versatile enough to appeal to both amateur and prosumer photographers. The new Leica V-Lux 5 sports an integrated superzoom lens with a range equivalent to 25-400mm. A large 1-inch sensor capable of snapping 20-megapixel photos aims to deliver “outstanding imaging performance throughout the entire zoom range.” expand full story

Leica Stories March 7

This morning, Leica has announced a much-anticipated follow-up to its Q camera. The Leica Q2 arrives as a high-end compact which delivers similar visuals to the previous generation but with a number of notable upgrades under the hood. The previous generation Q was a fan-favorite with a full-frame sensor and an ultra-quick lens, which made it perfect for prosumer photographers. Q2 arrives on the scene with a new sensor that increases the megapixels by nearly 100% from 24 to 47.3. That’s not all. Head below for quick overview of what you can expect on the Leica Q2.

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Leica Stories February 11

If you follow Leica, you know that this is a company that obsesses over every attribute of its products. Like most companies with a similar attention to detail, Leica charges a premium for its work and innovation. We are certain that its latest release will be no exception.

The Leica M10-P ‘ASC 100 Edition’ has been developed by the company as a tribute to 100 years since the founding of the American Society of Cinematographers. This version of the Leica M10-P sports a gorgeous black and gold design with the ASC logo placed prominently across the lens’ top plate. expand full story

Leica Stories October 25, 2018

Leica has released its latest camera today, the M10-D. Following in the footsteps of its recently-released M10-P, the M10-D shares a very similar appearance aside from the immediately obvious omission of a screen. A deliberate move by Leica to help photographers focus on the moment happening in front of them instead of viewing it on a display. Even though Leica’s latest camera ditches some digital features for a nostalgic and analog feel, the company attempts to make up for this by shipping a new companion smartphone app for interacting with it. expand full story

Leica Stories June 21, 2018

Leica has long been known as one of the premiere camera manufacturers in the world, delivering fine German craftsmanship to a wide range of products. While they have dabbled in other areas, the iconic brand is now shifting its focus to timepieces. For the first time, Leica is unveiling a pair of watches that lean on the familiar designs we’ve seen from its other offerings. More below.

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Leica Stories February 14, 2018

Leica is well-known for making high-end cameras for photographers. With crazy good sensors, amazing color science, and flawless glass in its lenses, owning a Leica is much like owning a Lamborghini; expensive and prestigious.

The Leica Q is a well-known camera when it comes to high-end photography. With a 24.2MP full-frame sensor and a fixed 28mm f/1.7 lens, you’re going to be hard-pressed to take “bad” photos when using the Leica Q. But, the Q isn’t entirely new. What’s new is the limited “Snow Edition” for the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

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