Drop + Lord of the Rings bring Elvish and Dwarvish mechanical keyboards to your forge

Drop  LOTR Dwarvish mechanical Keyboard

Drop’s latest collaboration brings us to Middle Earth this fall. Available for pre-order now, their Dwarvish and Elvish keyboards rival the work of the master artisans they emulate. Featuring Drop’s ENTR keyboard as a base, they include extra keycaps and the Door of Durin or Trees of Valinor designs.

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Learn the Dwarf or Elf language from Lord of the Rings with Drop’s latest ENTR keyboards

While we’ve seen Lord of the Rings keycaps from Drop in the past, this time around, the boutique brand went all-out. Launching two custom-designed ENTR keyboards today, Drop is letting you showcase both your support for Dwarves or Elves with its latest release. Sound interesting? Let’s take a closer look down below.

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