Love Hultén Stories August 19, 2019

You may have heard of Love Hulten before, most notably for his gorgeous one-off remakes of Apple’s most popular computers. Now the designer and gaming enthusiast is back with another retro-remake which combines an original Famicom console and premium materials. Love Hulten’s new FC-PVM console takes a nine-inch Sony Trinitron monitor and pairs it with Nintendo’s overseas 1983 release. While there is plenty of retro gaming goodness here to enjoy, and we’ll get to that in a moment, the star of the show is certainly the casing Love has designed. Head below for more info on the FC-PVM and to learn when this special console might be available to the public.

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Love Hultén Stories October 19, 2015

The original Macintosh 128k remains to be one of the most beloved products to come out of Apple’s design labs. The iconic design started a revolution of portable personal computers that spawned generations of new products. One-off electronics designer Love Hultén has set out to honor this old-school computer with his own take. Just by the looks of its wooden enclosure, he nailed it. But that keyboard though…

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Love Hultén Stories May 18, 2015

PIXELKABINETT-1 In my house video games are required, per my fiancé’s request (obviously), to be in the basement and out of sight. I’m sure my love for Mortal Kombat’s skull shattering gore doesn’t help my cause, but it’s more than that. She also hates the ugly boxes and nests of wires that come along with gaming consoles.

Now, if I had the Love Hultén PIXELKABINETT 42 I have a feeling things would be pretty different. This full-size coin-operated arcade cabinet looks like a priceless piece of fine art and supports hundreds of classic games… expand full story

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