Love Hultén unsheathes wild new must-see vintage DOODLESTATION music desk

DOODLESTATION synthesizer concept hero

It’s time explore the wild new DOODLESTATION synthesizer concept from artist Love Hultén. The creator of jaw dropping tech gadgets and wacky conceptual (although quite functional) workstations turned works of art, Hultén is a favorite around here for retro-inspired musical gear and gaming crossover consoles, among other things. Today the eye-catching new DOODLESTATION synthesizer console has been unveiled and we are ready to take a closer look at this gorgeous Frankenstein of a music making desk. Head below for all of the details. 

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Love Hultén’s new retro-style all-in-one NES console and synthesizer is a must-see

Today we are taking look at the new NES console meets synthesizer from artist Love Hultén. We have featured a number of Hultén’s wild designs over the year, not the least of which is this custom retro gaming coffee table, but today it’s all about the new NES-SY37. This is a one-off conceptual piece, and, much like the rest of the Hultén creations, is a sight to behold, combining retro aesthetics with clean lines to create a one-of-a-kind NES synthesizer and console. The wooden design takes cues from Nintendo’s storied home console as well as the Commodore SX-64 portable to deliver what only could be described as a must-see creation. Head below for more details and a closer look in the demo video. 

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